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20 Ways to Attract Clients Using Your Published Solo Book

Updated: Apr 18


So you've poured your heart and soul into writing your solo book, and now it's time to take it to the next level. Whether you're preparing to publish for the first time or considering republishing a revised edition, maximizing the potential of your book to drive clients to your business is key. In this blog post, we'll explore 20 powerful strategies to leverage your solo book effectively, leading potential clients who are readers of your book back to your website and online presence.

When you join one of our collaboration books as an author and we publish that book, you have the opportunity to claim yourself as a best-selling author or as an award-winning author. But writing a solo book opens up even more opportunities for promotion and client attraction. This recognition enhances your standing and credibility, affording you opportunities to feature it in your future bios. Consequently, you can organize events, deliver speeches, and conduct book signings to bolster your personal brand and promote your business endeavors. However, unlike collaboration books where promotional links are limited to the bio, a solo book allows you to seamlessly integrate calls to action (also known as CTAs) throughout the entire text.

Imagine readers finishing a chapter in your book and being invited to download a free chapter, access exclusive content, or participate in a transformational quiz. These are just a few examples of the myriad ways you can engage readers and lead them back to your website, YouTube channel, or to book a free discovery session with you.

For instance, in a chapter discussing overcoming victimhood and abandonment, you could offer a free PDF guide on the topic, inviting readers to download it from your website. From there, it's a natural progression to offer them a free discovery session, coaching program, or additional resources available on your site.

Here's a comprehensive list of 20 call-to-action examples tailored for authors like you, whether you're a life coach, business consultant, or wellness expert:


1. Download a Free Chapter:

   Offer a downloadable excerpt from your book that provides valuable insights or actionable tips, enticing readers to visit your website and engage further.


2. Access Exclusive Content:

   Invite readers to access additional exclusive content related to the book's topics, such as bonus chapters, extended interviews, or behind-the-scenes videos.


3. Take a Transformational Quiz:

   Offer a quiz that helps readers identify areas for personal growth or self-improvement, with the promise of tailored advice or recommendations upon completion.


4. Attend a Virtual Workshop:

   Promote upcoming virtual workshops or webinars where readers can delve deeper into the book's themes and receive personalized guidance from you.


5. Sign Up for Email Updates:

   Encourage readers to subscribe to your email list for regular updates, exclusive offers, and valuable insights on personal development and transformation.


6. Join a Private Facebook Group:

   Create a dedicated Facebook group where readers can connect with like-minded individuals, participate in discussions, and access exclusive resources.


7. Book a Free Strategy Session:

   Offer complimentary one-on-one strategy sessions where readers can explore how your coaching services can help them achieve their goals.


8. Access Free Templates and Worksheets:

   Provide downloadable templates, worksheets, or workbooks that complement the book's teachings and guide readers through practical exercises.


9. Attend a Live Q&A Session:

   Host live Q&A sessions where readers can interact with you directly, ask questions, and receive personalized advice or guidance.


10. Unlock Bonus Audio Content:

    Provide access to additional audio content, such as guided meditations, affirmations, or relaxation exercises, to complement the book's teachings.


11. Enroll in a Online Course:

    Invite readers to enroll in an online course or program that offers in-depth training and support on the topics covered in your book.


12. Schedule a Paid Coaching Session:

    Encourage readers to book paid coaching sessions with you for personalized support and guidance tailored to their specific needs and goals.


13. Download a Goal-Setting Workbook:

    Offer a downloadable workbook focused on goal-setting, productivity, or mindset shifts to help readers implement the book's teachings in their daily lives.


14. Register for a Live Event or Retreat:

    Promote upcoming live events, retreats, or workshops where readers can immerse themselves in transformative experiences and connect with you in person.


15. Join a Accountability Partner Program:

    Create a program where readers can partner up with accountability buddies to support each other in implementing the book's principles and staying on track with their goals.


16. Unlock Exclusive Discounts:

    Offer exclusive discounts or special offers on your coaching services, courses, or products as a reward for readers who take action and engage with your website.


17. Get Your Personalized Action Plan:

    Offer readers the opportunity to receive a personalized action plan or roadmap based on their specific needs, challenges, and goals outlined in the book.


18. Participate in a Book Club:

    Start or facilitate a book club where readers can discuss the book's concepts, share insights, and hold each other accountable for applying the teachings in their lives.


19. Book a Speaking Engagement:

    Invite readers to book you for speaking engagements, workshops, or corporate events where you can share your expertise and inspire audiences to take action.


20. Join a Mastermind Group:

    Create a mastermind group or coaching program where readers can collaborate with peers, receive ongoing support, and accelerate their personal growth journey with your guidance.


Implementing these strategies into your solo book will not only enhance the reader experience but also drive traffic to your website and ultimately convert readers into clients. And to make the process even smoother, consider purchasing an Easy Publish or Flex Publish package. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at connect @ or book a virtual consultation. Your solo book is not just a literary endeavor—it's a powerful tool for attracting and serving your ideal clients, and with these strategies, the possibilities for growth and impact are limitless.


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