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Sarah McArthur , Author, Inspirations Signing at Barnes & Noble

About Us

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Kyra Schaefer

Co-Founder, CEO

Before co-founding AYW, Kyra spent 20 years as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Practitioner. She truly believes everyone deserves a chance to be heard and doesn't want anyone to leave this world with unexpressed wisdom.

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Todd Schaefer

Co-Founder, COO

Before co-founding AYW, Todd worked in the personal development field for 20 years as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. He has a passion for helping Holistic Practitioners find their voice as published authors and establish themselves as successful business owners.

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About Us

As You Wish Publishing began as a project to help grieving friends heal after a community member was killed in a car accident. This group wrote a collaboration book titled Happy Thoughts Playbook to support those dealing with the loss. The Founder and CEO, Kyra Schaefer, recognized an opportunity to make authorship affordable for those who wanted to share their message with the world but didn't know how. 

Eight years later, with over 70 published Amazon best-selling books and hundreds of published authors in both collaboration and solo books, AYW has helped many achieve their dreams. Additionally, with every collaborative book, AYW donates thousands of dollars to grassroots charities, creating change not just through inspiring books but also by supporting organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

We help authors succeed!

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