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How to Publish Professionally without Losing Ownership of Your Work

Updated: Apr 18

In the realm of publishing, authors today have more options than ever before. Gone are the days when traditional publishing houses held a monopoly on bringing books to market. Now, aspiring authors can choose between self-publishing and utilizing the services of a publishing services provider. But what exactly distinguishes these two paths, and which is the right choice for you?


Understanding the Landscape:


1. Publishing Services Provider:

  • A publishing services provider operates as a company or entity that offers a comprehensive range of publishing-related services to authors for a fee.

  • These services typically include editing, formatting, cover design, distribution, marketing, and sometimes even printing.

  • Authors pay the publishing services provider to manage these tasks on their behalf, providing a streamlined and professional approach to publishing.

  • Authors maintain complete ownership of their book.

  • All royalties go directly to the author.  

2. Self-Publishing:

  • Self-publishing empowers authors to take full responsibility for all aspects of publishing their book independently.

  • This includes tasks such as writing, editing, formatting, cover design, distribution, marketing, and sometimes printing.

  • Platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and IngramSpark provide tools and services for authors to publish and distribute their work autonomously.


Comparing the Options:


1. Professionalism and Expertise:

  • Publishing Services Provider: Utilizing the services of a publishing services provider ensures a professional approach to publishing, leveraging the expertise of industry professionals to produce high-quality, market-ready books with a publisher's imprint.

  • Self-Publishing: While self-publishing offers autonomy, authors may lack the professional skills and resources needed to produce a polished final product, potentially resulting in lower-quality outcomes.


2. Cost and Investment:

  • Publishing Services Provider: Authors pay a one-time fee for the services provided by a publishing services provider, which can vary depending on the scope of services required.

  • Self-Publishing: While self-publishing may appear more cost-effective upfront, authors must bear the expenses associated with each stage of the publishing process, including editing, design, and marketing.


Making the Decision:


Choosing between self-publishing and utilizing a publishing services provider ultimately depends on your individual goals, preferences, and resources as an author. Consider the following factors:


1. Skill and Expertise: Do you possess the technical skills and industry knowledge required to navigate the complexities of self-publishing, or would you benefit from the expertise of publishing professionals?

2. Time and Commitment: Are you willing to invest the time and effort necessary to oversee every aspect of the publishing process independently, or would you prefer to streamline the process with the assistance of a publishing services provider?

3. Budget and Resources: What is your budget for publishing, and how does it align with the costs associated with each option? Consider both the upfront expenses and the potential return on investment for your book.


In conclusion, both self-publishing and utilizing a publishing services provider offer viable paths to authorship, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. By carefully weighing your options and aligning them with your goals and resources, you can navigate the path to publication with confidence and clarity. Whether you choose to embark on the journey of self-publishing or enlist the support of a publishing services provider, the world of publishing awaits, ready to bring your literary dreams to life.

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