Collaborative Book Registration for Whispers of the Heart

Why contribute to this AYW Collaboration Book?

  • You don't have to be a professional writer

  • You keep the profits from your wholesale to retail books sales

  • Low registration fee

  • The hard work is done for you

  • Gain a renewed sense of purpose by becoming a published author

  • Gain credibility in your industry as a thought leader

  • 3000 words (2700 chapter 300 bio)

  • Full chapter with bio-image

  • Fully Copyedited and Designed

  • Launched to Best Seller in Multiple Categories

  • Become a published author (1st time or again)

  • 2 group zoom meetings available for ideas and connection

Do you have whispers around:

- Following your inner guidance and the result

- Helping people tap into their inner strength and guidance

- Allowing in a deeper connection to compassion and kindness

- Inspiring others to achieve their positive life and wellness goals

- Helping people gain confidence to step into the light

More? What does your heart speak to you? We want to publish your wisdom.

Are You a Returning AYW Collaboration Author?

How this book is different from previous collaboration books you may have participated in:

  • Charity Donation: AYW will donate to a charity (TBA); instead of offering profit share for authors

  • Online sales for eBook and paperback through Amazon will be donated to charity

  • Email Contact Only: No Facebook messaging

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