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Open Book Collaboration:
Registration Closes 8/5/24

Guided By Spirit: A Quest for Self-Discovery, Insight and Illumination

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Did you have an experience that completely changed your worldview?

Do you know you were meant to help others in a unique and profound way?

What practices or rituals do you use to deepen your spiritual connection?

Share them in our upcoming book: Guided By Spirit: A Quest for Self-Discovery, Inisght and Illumination

Not Sure If What You Want to Write is Right?

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Writing Prompt Ideas

1. **Listening to the Whispers of Your Soul**  
Explore how tuning into your inner voice and intuition can guide you on a path of self-discovery. Share personal stories and practical tips for honing this inner listening to gain deeper insights and illumination.

2. **Dreams as Spiritual Guides**  
Delve into the world of dreams and how they can serve as powerful guides for self-discovery and insight. Discuss techniques for interpreting dreams and using them as tools for spiritual growth and illumination.

3. **Synchronicities: Signs from the Universe**  
Examine the role of synchronicities in guiding one's spiritual journey. Share experiences and insights on recognizing and interpreting these meaningful coincidences to gain deeper understanding and direction in life.

4. **Channeling Your Inner Wisdom**  
Discuss the process of accessing and trusting your inner wisdom. Provide practical exercises and examples of how connecting with this inner source can lead to profound self-discovery and enlightenment.

5. **The Role of Spirit Guides in Self-Discovery**  
Explore the concept of spirit guides and their role in helping individuals navigate their spiritual paths. Share methods for connecting with spirit guides and the insights gained from these spiritual relationships.

6. **Meditative Journeys: Pathways to Insight**  
Discuss the practice of meditative journeys or guided visualizations as a means of self-discovery and spiritual insight. Offer techniques and personal experiences to illustrate how these practices can lead to greater illumination.

7. **The Alchemy of Transformation: Turning Challenges into Growth**  
Reflect on how life's challenges and trials can be transformed into opportunities for spiritual growth and self-discovery. Share stories and strategies for embracing these experiences as catalysts for personal illumination.

8. **Harnessing the Power of Affirmations for Spiritual Insight**  
Examine how positive affirmations can be used as tools for self-discovery and spiritual growth. Provide examples of effective affirmations and practical advice on integrating them into daily practice to enhance insight and illumination.

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What is a Collaboration Book?

Watch This Video

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Susan Rae

If you are looking for a game-changing experience, collaborate with Todd and Kyra Schaefer of As You Wish Publishing. They made the road from childhood dream to best-selling author a beautiful journey! Each step to publishing my work was clearly outlined, including suggestions and exercises to break through blocks. Their wisdom and experience make working with them a no-brainer, but their style, the way they bring their passion and integrity, and support your clarity make the creative process an absolute delight! If you are ready for the confidence, excitement, and pure joy that expressing yourself in the world provides, connect with them today!


David Ebel

To those that are interested in taking a step of faith into their creativeness and ability to express what dwells inside them, I highly recommend this opportunity to allow your inner author to be exposed. The guidance Kyra gave me was personable and extremely helpful as I had dreamed of writing but never felt safe to express myself this way. Thank you Kyra and to all the other authors that helped me in this journey!


Casey Librizzi

Being a part of Own Your Awesome was truly exhilarating.  I am someone who has never written anything on that large of a platform. I never thought that my words would be read by so many. The process was organized and I felt supported every step of the way. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.  I hope to be a part of the next one! 

Shining Testimonials from our Bestselling Published Authors. . .

Join the Journey of Collaborative Creation

A Collaboration Book brings together a group of talented writers, each contributing a chapter that combines to create a book. We publish this book in both paperback and ebook formats and then launch it to bestseller status on Amazon.


Our collaboration book will be filled with empowering stories, insights, wisdom, and actionable steps. Your readers will benefit from your expertise as you show them how to Awaken Their Magic!


Joining Our Collaboration book Will Help You: 

  • Boost Your Confidence as a Writer

  • Experience the Thrill of Seeing Your Name in Print

  • Connect with a Vibrant Community of New and Veteran Writers

  • Kickstart Your Journey Toward Writing Your Own Solo Book

  • Forge a Professional Relationship with a Reputable Book Publisher (Yes, we also publish solo author books!)

Once you've committed to saying "YES," you will be asked to write a compelling story.


Your story can be entertaining, uplifting and encouraging for your readers.  Your life experience is the only prerequisite. You don't need to be a coach, teacher or therapist to participate in this book. However, if you are any of those things, you can use this book as a valuable marketing opportunity for your practice. 

You will have 1300 words plus a 200-word bio to explore your topics.

Our Journey: Turning Grief into Inspiration and Making Dreams Come True

Meet Todd & Kyra Schaefer

In the face of tragedy, we found a way to honor a dear friend's memory. When she tragically passed away, we couldn't help but feel that her voice had more to share in this world. She was passionate about writing and collaboration, so we rallied our friends and embarked on a mission to create a collaboration book that touched on themes of loss, love, self-healing, and joy. To our delight, it became a bestseller on day one, and we were over the moon.


But that was just the beginning.

We discovered a community of people like us—passionate about writing but unsure how to start and even less certain about how to become a published author. Once we cracked the code of publishing, we realized that we could help others achieve their dreams too.

We write, we dream, we laugh, we get seen, and we tell our stories. It's been nothing short of a miracle. And now, we want to share that miracle with you.

Our Mission: Empowering Writers to Share Their Stories and Make their Dreams of Authorship a Reality

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Help Us Illuminate Lives!

Dear Beloved Friends and Authors,

As You Wish Publishing is on a heartfelt mission to make a difference, and we need your support to achieve it! Our collaborative book, "Guided By Spirit: A Quest for Self-Discovery, Insight and Illumination" is more than just a collection of stories—it's a beacon of hope and inspiration for all those seeking transformation and enlightenment.

With each author who joins our journey, we're one step closer to our goal of 50 signups. But it's not just about reaching a number; it's about the impact we can create together.

When we reach our target, As You Wish Publishing will donate $500 to StreetLightUSA, an organization dedicated to providing timely, accessible intervention, stabilization, and housing for young girls at risk for or victims of child sex trafficking.

Imagine the lives we can touch, the futures we can brighten, and the hope we can restore. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of these vulnerable young souls.

So, dear friends, let's come together and spread the light. Let's reach that magical number of 50 authors and shine brightly for those who need it most. Your contribution matters more than you know.

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey. Together, we can make miracles happen.

With boundless gratitude,

Kyra & Todd Schaefer

As You Wish Publishing

More Reasons to Collaborate

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  • Tell your story that has been locked up in your journals for too long

  • Grow your authority as a thought leader

  • The hard work is done for you

  • Gain a renewed sense of purpose by becoming a bestselling published author

  • Show your friends and family you can stand in your truth

  • Feel empowered to keep moving forward toward your dreams

  • You keep the profits from the sales of your wholesale-to-retail books

  • Meet like-minded people that have purpose and want to network with you

  • Expand your horizons and advance your personal growth in the most unique way ever

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