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Unlock Your Publishing Potential with Flex Publish!

Welcome to As You Wish Publishing, where your dream of becoming a published author is just a few clicks away! The Flex Publish Book Package is your ticket to professional self-publishing, offering a plethora of benefits that empower you on your unique authorial journey.

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Why Choose
Flex Publish

Our authors choose the Flex Publishing Option for its unique combination of flexibility, ownership, support, time management empowerment, and optional add-ons that enhance the overall publishing experience. It's a tailored solution for those who seek a dynamic and author-friendly approach to bringing their stories to the world.

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Kristi Blakway, Beyond Hello

Since becoming an As You Wish Publishing author my life has changed significantly. Not only were we able to sell 1200 copies in the first three months after publishing, I was able to give back to my community with donations from each book sold. My book has opened up my world for speaking engagements and more opportunities I didn't know existed before publishing my book. If you aren't sure what publisher to go with, you need to go with As You Wish Publishing! 


Cindy Kaufman, The Mortal's Guide To Dying Well

I must give a giant shout-out and thank you to my publisher, As You Wish Publishing, for creating the path that allowed me to get this book written, published and successfully launched! If you have a book you want to write or are ready to publish, you want to use As You Wish Publishing! 


Alicia McBride, I Feel Too Much!

I remember thinking as a teen how wonderful it would be to see my book at Barnes & Noble! And now here it is! I am grateful I went with As You Wish Publishing. They helped make my dream come true!

The Flex System

Choose the Flex System Option & Enhancements

Submit your manuscript to our ayw team within 2 years of your purchase

formatting, Final Approvals, & Book Cover Designs Set Your book up for success!

Officially publish your paperback and ebook typically within 90 days of submission

We would love to help you get published and start changing the world with your words.

What you get with your Flex Publish Package

- Custom Book Cover Design with your Input (Includes Back, Spine and Front Cover)

- Kindle Version Book Cover Design

- 3D Book Cover Marketing Mock Up

- Internal Formatting for 6x9 Trim Size and Chapter Layout

- ISBN and Barcode

- Complimentary Copy of Your Book

- Upload of Kindle and Paperback Copy to Amazon

- 100% Royalties, 100% Copyright and Lowest Print Cost to you the Author

- Your book will be professionally published with the As You Wish Publishing Brand and Imprint

- Order wholesale copies 24/7 via your KDP account

- Email Support Only

- Step By Step Author Page to Ensure Ease

*Copyediting, Best-Seller Book Launch, and other enhancements can be purchased separately or at the time of your initial Flex Publish purchase. 

We publish non-fiction and fiction books. 


(We do not publish erotica, cookbooks, children's books, coloring books or photo books.)

🖋️ No Manuscript Required Upfront:

Say goodbye to the pressure of completing your manuscript before diving into the publishing process. With Flex Publish, you can secure your package now and take up to two years to finalize and submit your manuscript.

📅 Time Flexibility:

Life is unpredictable, and so is the creative process. Flex Publish understands that. Take the time you need, knowing you have up to two years to polish your manuscript before submission.

💰 Full Ownership, All Yours:

Enjoy the perks of self-publishing while basking in the glory of a genuine publisher's imprint. With us, you retain complete ownership of your book, and all the royalties that flow in are yours and yours alone.

🤝 Expert Support at Your Fingertips:

Purchasing Flex Publish means gaining access to our dedicated email support. Have questions about the publishing journey? We've got your back. Need a bit more guidance? Opt for our author coaching services to refine your skills and approach.

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