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Q: Does the name 'As You Wish' come from The Princess Bride?

A: Yes! In the movie, "as you wish" means "I love you," and it's Kyra's favorite movie.

Q: What types of books do you publish? 

A: We only publish non-fiction and fiction for both eBook and paperback (hardback for an upcharge). We do not publish erotica, cookbooks, children's books, coloring books or photo books. 

Q: Do you need to read my book first before publishing my book? 

A: No, we do not need to read your book in order to publish it. 

Q: What book publishing packages do you offer?

A: We only offer the EZ Publish Package. Details for what this package includes can be found here

Q: What type of publisher are you?

A: We are a publishing services provider with a publisher's imprint. Technically speaking, we professionally self-publish books for authors.

Q: What does self-publishing mean?

A: Self-publishing means you have all the freedoms traditional publishing won't offer you. We are an author-first publisher because we believe publishing your book shouldn't mean you have to give away ownership of it nor payout residual earnings to a traditional publisher.

Q: How is As You Wish Publishing different from traditional publishers?


A: The benefits of publishing with As You Wish Publishing are:


  • You have complete creative control of your book’s written content.

  • You get to decide what your book cover will look like.

  • You keep the full copyright to your book forever.

  • You receive all royalties from your book forever.

  • Your book can be published within 1-2 months.

  • You can make up to $10 profit per print book sale when you sell paperbacks you have purchased at wholesale.

  • Wholesale print books cost $3.00-$4.50 per book on average for authors to buy their own books.

  • All of your book’s financial earnings go directly to you.

  • Your book is your money-making asset forever.

  • You pay for publishing, which affords you the freedoms and benefits listed above.


Alternatively, a traditional publisher most often will:


  • Keep your publication rights; control your book’s content and determine your book cover design.

  • Retain ownership of a percentage of your book’s copyright and royalties, often profiting forever from your book sales, with an average royalty payout of $1.25 per print book sale to you.  

  • Publish your book within 1 to 2 years (18 month average).

  • Wholesale print books cost $6.00-$9.00 per book on average for authors to buy their own books.

  • All of your book’s financial earnings go first to the publisher; then a portion goes to you.

  • Your book is their money-making asset forever (and you get a cut).

  • You don't pay for publishing, but if you get selected to be published, you will have to pay any book advances back before earning profit.



Q: How is As You Wish Publishing different from other self-publishers?


A: We are priced more affordably than other self-publishing houses, we offer a significantly shorter book production time (1-2 months), and we give our authors complete creative control of their books. 

Q: How long will it take to publish my book?

A: 1 to 2 months, in most cases.

Q: I previously published my book elsewhere. Can I switch to AYW?

A: Yes, we can republish your book with our publisher's imprint and a new ISBN number (which we will provide) as an EZ Publish Package.

Q: How much will I make from selling my book?

A: KDP pays its authors 70% of each eBook sold, and 60% of each paperback book sold online. If you buy at wholesale and sell at retail, you'll make more profit, depending on your book's price, size and print cost. We typically see authors make up to $10 profit per paperback book sold from wholesale to retail.

Q: What type of support do you offer during the publishing process?

A: Our EZ Publish system takes you step-by-step through the publishing process. We exclusively offer email support for all your questions.

Q: Do you have hidden fees?

A: No. When you invest in the EZ Publish package, you pay one price for our publishing service to produce and publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing for both paperback and eBook.

Q: Will you copyedit my book?

A: In order to keep our price affordable and production time short, we do not include copyediting as part of our EZ Publish package. However, we have a list of recommended copyeditors on our writer resources page

Q: Will you rank my book to bestseller on Amazon?

A: Yes! For an add-on price of $347, this optional upgrade includes a minimum of adding your kindle eBook into 3 rankable categories on Amazon, 3D Bestseller marketing book image with the Amazon Sticker, Free promotion set up, Marketing traffic driven to your book on your free promotion days, promote your book to 100,000 people on Facebook. 

Q: Will I get physical copies of my book?

A: Yes, you will be able to buy your books wholesale at the lowest print cost on KDP and we will send you one copy of your book.

Q: Do I get a PDF of my book?

A: Yes, you will get a PDF Advance Reader Copy to share with whomever you like. 

Q: Where are you located? Can I visit your offices?

A: We are an online business only, which means we do not have a physical office you can visit. However, we are are happy to answer your questions via email.

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