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Before Using An Independent Publisher Read This

Updated: Apr 11

In all industries, some wish to cash in on a person’s dream. It’s no different when it comes to authorship. Traditional publishers may reject new writers or writers with dreams of getting their message to the world. Also, writers may have paid a massive amount of money to publish their books without any return on their investment.

If you are a writer, the first step is to learn what services you will get from the Indie publishing company, learn the money structure, and don’t fall for pie in the sky results. Go with an Indie publisher who has verified they can deliver the results you want from authorship. An Indie publisher should get your input because ultimately it’s your book and therefore your choice.

Indie publishing and money is what causes the biggest issue in publishing. You can pay anywhere from $5,000 to $70,000 to publish your book. To be clear, publishing your book shouldn’t cost more than $7,000. This amount must include formatting, editing, book cover design, marketing images, a professional book from start to finish, and someone assigned to your project who is there for you via email or phone.

Although some Indie publishers have earned their reputation for preying on authors who want to fulfill their dreams, many are here to help you succeed. Please don’t give up on your dream of authorship because you read somewhere Indie publishing isn’t real, that they are only after your money and over-promise. When you write a book it’s 100% real, it’s you, your heart and soul and your dream. If a Traditional publisher doesn't publish your book, don’t stop there, trust your message. Indie Publishing might be a great next step. Do your research, follow your common sense, and ask questions before signing up with an Indie Publisher.

Kyra Schaefer, founder of the independent publishing company, As You Wish Publishing, a business dedicated to making book publishing accessible for aspiring authors who want to publish solo books and participate in collaborative books. Kyra helps authors get their messages heard to bring hope-filled, real-life stories to the world. Her passion is to debunk the myth that writing is difficult and only available for a lucky chosen few. .



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