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25 Non-Fiction Writing Prompts

Updated: Apr 11

Sometimes we need a little help getting started. Use these writing prompts to help you develop your writing skills.

25 Writing Prompts:

1. What is your first memory as a child?

2. Tell us about your first love.

3. Who did you secretly have a crush on as a kid?

4. Were you ever in a fight? What happened?

5. What is the way you cope with stress?

6. As a parent what do you want your kids to do differently than you? Why?

7. Do you have any regrets? What are they?

8. If you had the opportunity to make a difference in this world what would be your greatest strength that would help make a change?

9. Recall a difficult situation where you had to make a major life choice. What was the outcome?

10. Write about the time you doubted yourself and you were able to still achieve success.

11. Write about the time you overcame insurmountable odds and came out on top anyway.

12. Write about something you were absolutely sure was true when you were a child but as an adult believe something new.

13. Tell us about your soul family (friends you are close to like family) vs. Real Family.

14. Talk about your flaws, in what way have they become strengths?

15. Write about a time when you had a major injury, what happened, how did you heal?

16. What vacation have you taken in your life that was absolutely magical and life-changing?

17. Tell us about your childhood bully? How did you manage to get to free of them?

18. If you could have done anything differently career-wise with your life, what would you have done?

19. What are the top 5 ways you had fun as a kid?

20. What is an uncommon challenge have you overcome?

21. Write about when you met someone special for the first time.

22. Write a story about the first time you were on an airplane.

23. Write about a teacher, professor, or mentor who changed your life.

24. What is the wish you make when you see a shooting star is it the same or something different every time.

25. What is your favorite song? Why is it your favorite?

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