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Is Writer's Block Real?

Updated: Apr 11

Writer’s block is no joke! It can take a writer from being totally on board with their mission and purpose to doubting every syllable they express. Overcome Writer’s block easily with a method that works best for you. Here are a few ideas to start writing again.

Step away and try new things: Get out of your house and your typical writing environment. Every chapter or so should be a refresh period. Take a day and re-fill your inspiration bucket. Do something new or different. If you usually read, look at paintings instead. If you typically drive, try walking. Go to a different coffee shop or grocery store than usual. Eat something you’ve never eaten before. Writers experience life and then tell about it; if you are not experiencing new things, it can be challenging to write.

What’s your why?: Let’s go deep for a moment. I know it can be difficult at times, but one of the best gifts my friend Melissa Corter ever gave to me was talking me through my why.

Why do you own a publishing company?

I’m good at making a book ready to be published.

Why do people need to be published?

They have something to say.

Why is it important for people to say things?

Because we need their voice in the world.

Why do we need their voice?

Because everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard.

What is it about you and them that is similar?

I didn’t feel heard; I didn’t feel I had the opportunity; I felt stifled in my life; no one should ever feel they can’t express themselves and change the world. I want people and myself to feel confident in our message.

I knew I reached my real “why” when I started crying. Now, whenever my mind wants to push against me, or make me lazy or make me feel I’m not doing everything I’m supposed to, I remember my “why.” Writers need their “why” written out and plastered around their workspace.

What is your “why”? Drill down to the absolute most crucial aspect of your “why,” you know, because you feel a deep longing, hurt, or massive enthusiasm for your mission, when the block comes bust through it with your ultimate "why".

Create an outline to avoid getting stuck: Many writers make the same mistake. They feel they can start writing and then write it from beginning to end. Often they find the first word of the first sentence of the first paragraph is the most difficult. I have found a foolproof way around this challenging issue, and it will help you throughout the production of the entire manuscript. Create an outline with subheadings. You don’t have to be committed to the outline, instead use it as a guidepost to help you when one area gets boring or tedious. You can bounce around from topic to topic if you need to invigorate your content. You may find after you write a little in one area, it loses your interest. Writing what you love and are passionate about will keep and hold your reader’s attention as well. Look at this blog post for topic ideas What The Heck Do I Write About?

Writer’s block has only the power you give it. You don’t have to play victim to this idea and are allowed to get creative. I didn’t believe it when someone suggested, “Write every day, even if you don’t feel like it, and you will find more to write about and become a better writer.” I have been writing every day approximately 500-1000 words for our blog. I have noticed a ton of benefits. I noticed, once I start writing, I can keep writing. As Sir Isaac New stated, “A body in motion stays in motion.” Also, my mind and speech are more precise and clear. You will find similar effects, due to the massive benefits of authorship.

Going forward: At a minimum, take 15 minutes each day to write, even if it’s “I don’t know what to write.” and you repeat it over and over. You may find your writing starts to take you down a creative rabbit hole you didn’t know existed. The enemy of writer’s block is joy, have fun, and discover what your creative writing ability has in store for you.

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