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Common Myths about traditional publishing most everyone gets wrong.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We all want to get whisked away on a jet and travel to fabulous locations worldwide when we write our book! We deserve the royal treatment. Absolutely, you do! It’s a lot of work to write, produce, and publish a book, and you deserve the red carpet treatment. Unfortunately, you will probably have to buy, transport, and unroll the red carpet yourself. When people think about publishing, they often think the red carpet treatment is what they will get, especially when they publish with a traditional “Big 5” publisher. The truth is the publishing world doesn’t work that way, and many authors become disappointed. I’m going to bust some common myths so you may have a clearer understanding of the publishing world. The following insights are intended to inform, not discourage your pursuit of published authorship.

A traditional publisher will pay for everything once your book is published: NOPE. The publisher gives you an advance usually of $1000-$3000 (for new authors). That advance is paid back through your book royalties at a rate of approximately $1.25/book. If your book fails to pay back the advance, they will take it out of your next book’s royalties or not hire you again. You are required to pay taxes on your advance.

A traditional publisher will take care of all the marketing of my book: NOPE. They will market your book as long as it’s marketable, you are still required to pay for your travel, hotel, and flight expenses when they set up book signings.

When a traditional publisher picks up my book, they send me free copies to sell: NOPE. They don’t give you free copies; you may pay more than wholesale to have a stack of your books from the publisher.

I will quit my day job when a traditional publisher picks up my book: NOPE. Most published authors make around $3k-6k per year on authorship, especially if working through a traditional publisher. There are many more ways to make money as an author if it’s connected to a business, other programs, or organizations. Don’t quit your day job until you match your current income. Keep in mind the first year you will make the most from your first book, to match your income you will need the 2nd book to do as well if not better than your first.

Indie/Publishing Services Company masquerading as a Traditional Publisher: These scare me the most! I researched one company that said, they will publish your book for free. I looked deeply into this company and found they charge print plus $2 per print book and the author is required to buy 2500 copies of your book, ends up being approximately $13,000. It was so hidden; you have to know what you are looking for to find it. Please, please, please ask questions before buying a publishing package.

If I didn’t own a Publishing Services Company, I would search for a Publishing Services Company that would help me handle the details of my book (editing, formatting, book cover), give me 100% royalties and make sure my book print cost stays low (approx. $3-5/book). I would want my book to be in my control, and all royalties go directly into my account and not pass through a hungry middle man.

As You Wish Publishing is set up with the author in mind. We were authors first and have a great deal of compassion for their mission, purpose, and desire to create positive change. We may not have the red carpet, but every one of our authors feels cared for, important and loved, because we are willing to see them at every stage of the publishing adventure.

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