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Collaborative Books, The Wave of The Future?

Updated: Apr 11

Never heard of collaborative books? Collaborative books are a way for up and coming authors to have a space to express their stories and ideas without a major expense, waiting for a big 5 publisher to pick up their book or feeling alone in the process.

What are Collaborative Books?

Books featuring multiple authors or stories are nothing new and have been around for centuries. We have seen publishers bring together information from multiple sources in poetry books, article books, spiritual texts, and more. Collaborative books are a little different. Authors buy space in the book to be featured in a 300-3000 word article.

The book is then professionally produced and marketed to the selected audience. Often the author is required to perform some marketing of their own. They share the space with like-minded authors and articles in the book which brings them together as a team and community to help spread a positive message. Collaborative books are generally non-fiction but can also be fiction books, poetry books, and workbooks.

Why Do New Authors Choose To Be In Collaborative Books?

Self Publishing a book can very costly, up to $2000-$6000 to do it justice. This is absolutely appropriate and when you work with a professional self-publishing type of company you will get the result you are looking for. Some new authors aren't ready to make that commitment to their message until they can have some evidence they will be accepted. Collaborative books are a great place to start.

Paying $100-$300 to buy space in a book can be very attractive to first-timers and will help them get some success under their belt, as well as, adding to their media kit and authorship resume. It's even a great option for people who have been published or have had their own book be successful to keep their name relevant and in multiple publications.

Doing The Legwork

As a collaborative author or as an author whose story or book gets picked up by the big 5 publishers are still required to honor the work they have put out. Speaking engagements, book signings, social media posts to help market the book are essential to its success and the author's success. It's important to keep this in mind, a book being brought to life isn't the end it is the beginning.

How Collaborative Books Benefit Authors and the World?

Collaborative books are powerful because they help build a community around important ideas. At As You Wish we specialize in giving voice to those everyday people who experience extraordinary situations in order to help humankind and offer hope. These stories may not come from professional writers or those looking to be authors full time. They may want to just share their experience to let others know they aren't alone.

Authors that are looking for more, often see collaborative books as a stepping stone to get speaking gigs, sell their products or services, and create their own full-length book.

No matter why you might be looking into collaborative books understand they are potentially the wave of the future. This is one way we come together for a greater purpose and change the world one submission, one book, one speech at a time, and trust that all is in the right order.

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