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Every Story Matters. This company was started because a friend passed suddenly. We knew she had more music in her soul to share. We created a collaborative book in her honor and a publishing company was born. The authors we have lost over the last couple of years continue to remind us of our mission; to help authors publish their truth. Your contribution matters, your story matters and your life lessons are needed. Your legacy is the love you leave behind through your widsom. Share it!

As You Wish Means "I Love You"

Kyra Schaefer

Kyra's favorite movie is The Princess Bride. She wanted to convey that she loves her authors. She noticed a trend in the publishing field that was heartbreaking. Authors were taken advantage of by so-called publishing companies, or their stories were changed to reflect some obscure industry standard. 

She wanted her authors to have a safe space to express and offer their wisdom. Therefore As You Wish Publishing was born.

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Todd Schaefer

Todd left his job to focus his attention on As You Wish Publishing when Kyra began to notice the need to get our author's messages out to the world became overwhelming. He stepped in to handle the duties of COO. He has managed all the systems that help our authors navigate their way to easily become published. Every time we hear an author say, "Wow that was so easy!" it's because of Todd. 


How As You Wish Helps You Publish

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We create collaborative book opportunities for new and seasoned authors to write short biographies, experiences, personal stories, self-help guides and personal development approaches. 

We also have an EZ Publish System for authors wanting to write their own book. Click below to choose your writing adventure.  

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