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Whispers From The Heart
ISBN: 978-1-951131-42-5
Step 1:
Submit Your Chapter: Due Date October 1st, 2021 at 11:59pm PST.

A couple of things you should know:
1. Make sure this is your best work, this is going into a professional book. You want to make sure you put your best foot forward.
2. You will not be able to change your bio once you submit.
3. You have 3000 words to play with. Please dont go over your word count. 2700 for your article and 300 for your bio max. You can do fewer words. 
4. If once you submit and don't get a confirmation email please be sure to check your junk folder.  
Step 2:
Final Approval
You are allowed to check for misspellings and typos. You cannot make any major changes to the manuscript. Final decisions are made by the publisher. If you have something that has to be changed, it may incur a fee of up to $10/edit. We have made every effort to keep your voice and simply correct any grammatical/syntax/punctuation issues that may have come up. 
Step 3:
Final Approvals
Once you have looked over your article please fill out this form. You will have until Saturday 11/27/2021 at 11:59pm (just before midnight) to complete the form. After this date, we will assume everything is correct and no changes are necessary.  You may not come back after this date to make any changes regardless of if it was a change by the editor, publisher or author. 
Step 4:
Advanced Reader Copy
Click Here
You will download your Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) and save it to your computer. You will then attach this ARC to any emails or communication you send to your launch team. No changes can be made to the book at this time.  
Step 5:
Launch Team Templates
Click Here
a. Connect with trustworthy people and see if they will be apart of your launch team.
b. Send them a copy of the ARC.
c. On 1/18/22 remind them about the launch and their responsibility (download FREE Kindle book and give an honest review at 
d. Remind them on 1/17/22 that the launch day is on 1/18/22
e. Celebrate and remind them on 1/18/22 your book is here. 
f. Follow up daily during launch week to make sure they have downloaded and reviewed your book. 1/18/22-1/22/22
You will be able to adjust these templates as you desire, you will need to add your name and their names to the templates along with the name of the book "Ordinary Oneness". Make sure you keep the directions the same. You can copy and paste them in an email and attach the above ARC. They will have a couple of weeks to look at the book. On launch day they will review the book and give an honest review. You may also choose to create buzz on your Facebook pages and ask people in your groups and tribes to be a part of your launch team. 
Trouble Shooting Reviews and Kindle Downloads

Two main issues come up when it comes to Kindle:

  1. They try to download the book but can’t. Usually, this is on Kindle White. If anyone tells you this please get their email address and send it to me. I will send them a PDF Copy. This may no longer be an issue. 

  2. They try to give a review but Amazon rejects it (they might even get a nasty message from Amazon). There are usually 2 reasons for this. 1. They haven’t spent $50 with Amazon in the last year. 2. They are connected to you in some way and Amazon decides they are contributing as an inauthentic reviewer.


If either of these issues come up please thank them for being on your launch team and we appreciate them very much. We will resolve issue #1 and if issue #2 is a problem, after downloading their book from Amazon they can go to Goodreads and leave their review for free there (but cannot download the book) 

Step 7: Wholesale Books
 You can buy your wholesale books at this link. Click on the Book cover image.
Click here for our wholesale library

you are not required to purchase books
Step 8:
Links for Launch Day 1/18/22, Including Facebook Post Marketing
Verbiage: (When you put the link in it will autogenerate a lovely image of the book with the link attached)
My new book is available for free Kindle Download Today, Be sure to click "Buy Now with One Click" not "Read For Free" You are not obligated to sign up for any promotions to receive your free copy.

Kindle Book Link:
Marketing Images:
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