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Do You Have a Book Idea?

Have You Written Your Manuscript?

Here's what you need to know:

Do You Have a Book Idea You Want to Run By Us?

Unfortunately, we don't provide consultative feedback on book ideas, nor do we offer author coaching. We only offer a consult once you've written your manuscript (or at least wrote the first three chapters). Also, we only publish non-fiction books.

Oh, you're still here? Awesome! Let's move on then.

Have You Written Your Manuscript? 

If you have your manuscript already written, or you have written at least three chapters of it, please read on.

We get many inquiries. Chances are, we've already answered your questions on our website. Please check the three linked resources below first before attempting to contact us. We've made it convenient for you to get the information most authors ask for before speaking with us.

By now, you've reviewed the linked information above and you have learned many of the common questions most authors ask, and our answers. Great! Wait, what? You still want to talk to us over the phone? Super! 

What You Need to Do Before We Have a Phone Consult Together:

1) Review the investment to publish with us and what's included with each package. Our publishing packages run from $1,797 to $3,997, depending on what you want. 

2) We require you to attach a minimum of three (3) written chapters to your publishing application. Or better yet, attach your full manuscript. 

Got those three chapters ready for upload? Good!

At this point, you may now fill out and submit your publishing application.

Please keep in mind: Applications submitted without the three chapters minimum will not be considered for publishing. 

Once you've completed the above steps, we will contact you, usually within one week, to schedule a phone call interview.

Let's continue!

By now, you've submitted your application with the required three attached chapters (or your full manuscript) and we've scheduled an interview with you via email to discuss the viability of publishing your manuscript.

Let's prepare you for a successful interview. 

What Happens During the Phone Interview?

Make sure you will be undisturbed for 60 minutes.

Please make certain that you will have no distractions for up to 60 minutes during this interview. This means get a babysitter if needed. Don't hang out at the train station while we speak together (someone actually did that). Go to a quiet place with no noise for an hour, and make sure this place has good cell phone reception.

This is not an informational interview!

If you want to gather our basic publishing information, you can get this information via the links we've already provided

Consider interviewing with us like you would for a real job interview.

You don't interview for jobs that you don't want, do you?

Of course not. So don't interview with a publisher if you don't know what you want. Research the publisher first. Those who make you jump through a few hoops first (like we do) means we care about the quality of our product. 

In a job interview, you don't ask your interviewer to convince you why you should work there, do you? 

No, that would be silly. The interviewer expects you to know why you want to work there. Similarly, you are selling us on representing you and your book, just like you are selling your skills and experience in a job interview.

We interview you because we may be representing you.

Yes, you are considering buying a publishing package with us, so you have every right to interview us as well. (We'll cover writing down questions for us shortly.) It's a two-way dialogue, of course. You need to vet us because you want a good product. We need to vet you because we may be representing you. Meaning, we will be putting our name alongside your name on your book. We will be standing behind you, promoting you and your book. Even after your book is published and launched, you will have access to our growing author community for a long time.

Put your best foot forward when you interview with us.

If you do get to the interview stage with us, put your best foot forward. Show us you are familiar with what we do, how we're different, and what we offer. Show us you've read what we've requested you read. Show us you already know why you want to publish with us. 

During this phone interview, we will:

  • Evaluate your manuscript for publishing viability (for our company alone) in a constructive, non-critical manner and we'll provide supportive feedback. 

  • Assess the quality of your writing: grammar, punctuation, organization and presentation of your written ideas. 

  • Gauge how well you present yourself over the phone. If we publish and promote your book, which is an extension of you, we must be able to do so authentically. 

  • Determine how well you would integrate into our author community. We are committed to providing a safe, non-toxic atmosphere for authors to gather, support, learn and write their books.

Write your questions down before the interview.

After you've reviewed the linked information we've provided on this page, you may have some resulting questions. Write those questions down. THOSE are the questions to bring to this phone interview. We want to make the best use of our time together. We will have a friendly dialogue with you during this interview and answer the questions you have written down after reviewing our content.

Publishing your book will be a long process and a big accomplishment. 

We understand how important it is to find the right publisher to get your book out to the world. We hope we will be the right fit for your book, but if not, we will gladly provide suggestions about other publishing options you could pursue.

Do you still have questions we haven't answered on our website, prior to your manuscript submission?

Email us with the subject titled: "Publishing Inquiry" to kyra at asyouwishpublishing dot com. Please allow up to one week for a response. Serious inquiries only, please.


Remember, we only publish non-fiction books.

We look forward to meeting you!

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