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Solo Publish

It's Launch Time!

It's time to pick the perfect time to launch your book. We recommend you do it on a Tuesday-Saturday and get your friends excited. We will pay for marketing for your book but having a few people on your review team helps. 

Launch Team Templates Click Here

a. Connect with trustworthy people and see if they will be apart of your launch team.
b. Send them a copy of the ARC.
c. On the day before your launch remind them about the launch and their responsibility (download FREE Kindle book and give an honest review.
d. Remind them on the day of the launch to head over to the kindle link you will provide and download and review the book. 
e. Follow up daily during launch week to make sure they have downloaded and reviewed your book. 
f. Celebrate and thank your review team for showing up and helping you with this wonderful achievement. 
You will be able to adjust these templates as you desire, you will need to add your name and their names to the templates along with the name of your book. Make sure you keep the directions the same.
You can copy and paste them into an email and attach your ARC which we will provide to you. They will have a couple of weeks to look at the book. On launch day they will review the book and give an honest review. You may also choose to create buzz on your Facebook and Instagram pages and ask people in your groups to be a part of your launch team. 
Trouble Shooting Reviews and Kindle Downloads

Two main issues come up when it comes to Kindle:

  1. They try to download the book but can’t. Usually, this is on Kindle White. If anyone tells you this please get their email address and send them the ARC copy.

  2. They try to give a review but Amazon rejects it (they might even get a nasty message from Amazon). There are usually 2 reasons for this. 1. They haven’t spent $50 with Amazon in the last year. 2. They are connected to you in some way and Amazon decides they are contributing as an inauthentic reviewer.


If either of these issues come up please thank them for being on your launch team and we appreciate them very much. Problem #1 is resolved by you sending them the ARC, and #2 is resolved by sending them to Goodreads. A link will be provided to you. 

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