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What type of publishing support are you looking for?

  • I want the option to have my book available in Barnes & Noble Bookstores and/or ranked to Amazon Bestseller status. (EZ Publish or Flex Publish)

  • My manuscript is completed and copyedited, and I'd like to get it published right away. (EZ Publish)

  • I'm writing my manuscript and I may need author coaching, copyediting, or a flexible publishing timeline. (Flex Publish)

  • I'm interested in writing a chapter with other authors in a themed collaborative book. (Collaboration Publish)

  • I want to create an audiobook version of my already published book and narrate it myself. (Audiobook Publish)

  • I want to print some books as gifts for friends and family, but I don't need to publish them. (Limited Edition)

​Do you need author support services?

I don't see what I need. What else can I do?

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