All Women Are Goddesses, Let's Cultivate Your Natural State Together

join me for this 2-day online weekend retreat called...

Reawaken Your Divine Feminine Through Creativity

Movement - Art - Imagination

with Kyra Schaefer

  • Do you feel stuck, uninspired, and bored?

  • Do you desperately need an Infusion of Creativity? 

  • Do you need some time with like-minded girlfriends who totally get you, in a safe space to explore your creative flow?

If you answered YES to the above, read on...

During this 2-day online retreat, I will guide you to:

  • Find a deeper connection to spirit

  • Reconnect to creative flow with Exercises

  • Experience your true divine nature through creativity

  • Break out of old paradigms that have locked you up

  • Packed with love, friendship, creativity and variety

  • Your Creativity Revealed

  • Fun and thoughtful exercises that will help you unlock trapped energy

This is perfect for women who:

  • Have been feeling stuck and uninspired

  • Want to have the ultimate girls weekend from home

  • Believe they aren’t creative

  • Want to problem solve in a new way.

  • Need to Unlock their personal power through creativity

The Deepening and Awakening of the Spirit Creativity is the flow of Spirit through us.

During this retreat together, we will:

  • Use Gentle Movement to release blocked Qi

  • Create art to stimulate the senses and Generate Flow

  • Use your imagination activation through journaling and visualization

  • Discover the 5 Goddess Principles that lead you to a more creative and full life 

Bonus #1: (for students who enroll by March 25th)

  • 118-Piece Deluxe Art Set, Wooden Case, Painting / Drawing / Art Kit with Acrylic Paint, Pencils, Oil Pastels, Watercolor Cakes, Coloring Book, Watercolor Sketch Pad





Bonus #2: 

  • Daily Creativity Emails - Fun Activities, Insights, and Info for the time you register until the event. 

Event Details:

  • Seats Remaining: 12 Creative Angel Goddesses

  • Location: Online via Zoom (links will be provided via email)

Event Schedule:

  • April 2nd - Opening Ceremony 7pm MST​

  • 3rd - 11:11 am MST - 7pm MST

  • 4th - 11:11 am MST - 5pm MST

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