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   At As You Wish, we love collaborating with groups of authors. Working together is super powerful. You build community in a totally new and unique way.

   Our first collaborative best selling book "Happy Thoughts Playbook" came from the tragic loss of a dear friend. Those mourning knew she would want us to spread more joy. 16 authors came together and made that a reality. 

   There are so many types of groups who can benefit from doing a collaborative book. I've listed a few below. ​

Group Types


Do short articles and create a book together with a similar topic. Build confidence and gain reputation. Gain revenue to support additional projects.


Do you have a spiritual or philanthropic group wanting to use authorship to fundraise or build awareness for social issues? A book might be perfect! 


Do you have a tight group of friends or family who want to tell their stories? Has someone special has passed on and you want to remember them? Write your unique story.

Business Building

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?  Gather your expert friends and write a credible book together. You split the cost and create new revenue streams in the process

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