You Keep 100% Book Royalties Forever

You've heard the horror stories, right?

(Or maybe you've been in one.)


Someone you've heard of published a book and got reamed by a publisher.

The publisher either:

  • Charged too much.

  • Edited out their voice.

  • Now owns their book's copyright.

  • Gets the majority of their royalties.

Maybe the people in your life got you discouraged.

  • A friend’s not-so-helpful critique stole your confidence.

  • You paid for seminars, classes, and tools you didn’t use.

  • You got rejected by other publishers or didn’t receive the level of service you expect.

Maybe you were determined or perhaps desperate, buying everything you thought would help you get to the finish line, and then later, felt like you wasted tons of money. Then, you get to feel guilty about that too!

When you feel like things are stopping you from sharing the message you have in your heart, it feels gut-wrenching. Heart-breaking.

You’ve had good intentions, though. You put forth the effort. You worked your butt off.

Even though it hasn't worked out yet, your manuscript still needs a home. 

You feel like you failed, but that’s okay. I get it. 

You’re not alone. 

Many authors have put their hearts into their writing and then braved the waters of trying to get published, only not to find a home that they feel honors their message. 

Let’s totally forgive ourselves for never getting our book to the finish line.

There’s no shame in not finishing what you started, if today, you start new.

Let’s start over new. You don’t have to do that again.

You never have to waste money, time or feel lost, like you’ve abandoned your own child, ever again.

You didn’t have a roadmap. You didn’t know what you needed in order to finish.

We provide a roadmap to help writers with finished manuscripts get the support they need to get to the finish line. 

You’re going to feel really good about your past pains because I’ve created a roadmap that:

  • Preserves your written voice.

  • Provides a supportive, like-minded community of authors.

  • Polishes your manuscript with instructional how-to videos to make it the best it can be.

Nevertheless, as a publisher, let me say that it’s not important that I publish your book. 

What IS important to me is that you ensure that you’ve found the right fit with a publisher who supports your needs and honors your book’s message. Think of how much relief you’ll feel when you have found the right fit!

We hope that the information on this page helps you to get clear on your next steps.

Your story is worth sharing.

- overview with book image (amy pg 3)

- infographics; how our pub process works; translate the inclusive list into good copy/images, use Amys' copy as examples for features to benefits selling. 

- testimonials

Here's what to do next:

Upload your completed manuscript (or the first chapters at minimum) to be considered for publishing using the form at the bottom of this page, then we will contact you to schedule a time to discuss your upcoming book. 

Note: Sharing your manuscript with us is for consulting purposes only and in no way gives us permission to do anything with your book. We only use it to discuss the possibility of working with you.

What Others Have Asked

Before Joining Us as a New Solo Author

Q: If I share my manuscript with you to be considered for publishing, does that waive any of my rights or copyright?

A: Absolutely not. We only read and evaluate your manuscript to discuss the possibility of working with you. You retain your rights and copyright. 

Q: When I publish with you, do I get to keep the rights/copyright to my book?

A: Yes. When you publish with us, you keep your book's copyright, all associated rights, and you keep ALL your royalties forever.

Q: What type of publisher are you?

A: We are an Independent/Hybrid publisher. Unlike traditional publishers, we allow our authors to retain full control of their work. You keep your copyright. You keep 100% of your book's royalties. All of your book's financial earnings go directly to you. When you work with us, you are paying for our publishing service to produce, publish and help you rank your book. 

Q: What does my purchase include?

A: We handle everything: book cover design, final copyediting, formatting, marketing promotion during your book launch, and probably things you didn't even think to ask for, but you'll appreciate that we included. See the full list of what we include if you scroll up on this page. 

Q: How long will it take to publish my book?

A: It takes approximately 3 months to produce your book once we have your final manuscript, plus 1 month to order your wholesale books. We will coordinate with you to schedule your book launch, which may take place anytime after that.

Q: Do you offer support for authors during the publishing process?

A: Yes! We have a community of like-minded solo authors who are at every stage of the publishing journey. These authors are very welcoming and offer support to each other. You will also be able to interact with the founders of As You Wish Publishing in this private community and access our library of writers' training videos which can help polish your manuscript.

Q: Do you promote or develop your authors?

A: Yes! We will spotlight your success along the publishing journey, interview you to promote your book, as well as coordinate your book's launch efforts in tandem with you. We provide all the education you need to rank your book on Amazon as well.

Q: Why should I pay for publishing?

A: Because if you don't, you may lose ownership of your book and most of its royalties. Traditional publishers who pay an advance to publish a book may seem glamorous, but they come with a hefty price—they will own your book's copyright and a majority percentage of your book's earning power (royalties) forever. Your book becomes their asset, and you get a small cut (usually $1 per book sale). 

Q: Aren't publishers supposed to pay me an advance to publish my book?

A: Traditional publishers may give you an advance for your book (usually between $1,000–$5,000), however, you are required to pay the advance back through your book's royalties before you will start to see any royalties come in (usually $1 per book). If you don't make up the difference in the advance through book royalties, then the traditional publisher will take that remaining amount out of your next book they produce for you or they will not hire you back for another book.  

Q: Why don't more authors choose traditional publishers?

A: To make more money and to be in control of their work. Competition is fierce with traditional publishing, demanding considerable mastery of the politics of understanding the industry and crafting a book (which many authors don't have). The once-coveted and unparalleled distribution systems that traditional publishers have controlled for decades have since been dwarfed by the advent of the Internet. The trending movement for savvy authors is to publish with an independent or hybrid publisher or even self-publish their book so that they can retain their full copyright and full royalties forever while building an online following and platform to increase their book's earning power. 

Q: Who is your ideal client?

A: Our ideal clients are writers who:

    1) have finished their manuscript or have completed a minimum of the first 3 chapters prior to consideration

    2) have never been published before or previously published and unsatisfied with another publisher's service

    3) want an all-inclusive publishing package for one simple price

    4) want to work with the publisher directly on their book (not be passed around to 20 different associates who need to consult their notes every time you call)

    5) can appreciate the support of an author community