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Your Signature Speech

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Creating a Signature talk isn't always as easy as it sounds but this post will help you learn how to create your signature talk. Here are some easy steps.

What a Signature Talk is:

This is your time to shine, to get your message to the world, your brand, your unique point of view, and your story. This is an authentic, vulnerable, and real approach to connection, and Education-Based Marketing.

What your Signature Talk Isn't:

Sales Pitch, Manipulative, Speech all About How Awesome you are, Comparing yourself to Others which may put others in a bad light.

Know your Audience:

Never take a knife to a gunfight! If you don't know your audience you will not be able to get your message out there to the right people, or if you get your message out it may fall on deaf ears. Take your time and decide who you want to help, and what problem you will solve for them.

Tell Your Story:

It's always important that you let people know about you, about who you are. If they can't connect with you because you are too inaccessible they can't relate or see themselves in your work. If they can't put themselves in your shoes they will have a hard time liking you and buying into your product/service or speech. You will lose your audience before you got them.

Everyone has a story, find yours and let yourself be seen. It's incredibly healing to tell, 50, 100, or 1000 people all about your pain and fear, your loss and challenge. You will find they cry with you, they laugh with you, they cheer you on, and seeing you get through your experience, will help them to believe they can make it through just like you did. It's is an incredible responsibility to be seen and to see others. It is very powerful.

Title Selection:

Your title should convey your message in a way that contributes to the benefits you will provide your audience.

Titles that include

How To

How to get __________ by ___________


3 Steps to ______________

Assertive Truth Statement