Collaborative Book Registration is Now Open for One Day Is Today!

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Registration will close when we reach 100 authors or by Nov. 20th. 

$197 for a 1500 word article + 100-word bio

All articles are copyedited for you, you have final approval.

The entire book will be professionally formatted, designed, and published.

This book will be submitted to the Library of Congress and have a barcode and ISBN number.

We will do a launch for this book to rank it a bestseller on Amazon.  

The One Day vision is that Humanity rises, connected in a world where each person's unique contributions are valued and magnified through collaboration, producing breakthroughs and new realms of possibility.

This book will contain diverse backgrounds and perspectives sharing their unique stories and wisdom from the transformative experiences of their lives.

What fears, trials and tribulations have you faced and overcome in your life, and what has opened up with your experience of your true authentic self?

What is your "One Day, Today"? That is, whom are you being and whom can we all choose to be, today?

Through all your experiences, what unique gifts, unique genius, and unique contributions do you have to share with humanity?

One Day Is Today: Humanity United In Diversity
Register Here

- All articles submitted are accepted you don't have to be a professional writer.

- Low registration fee

- Supportive author community

- The hard work is done for you

- Gain a renewed sense of purpose by becoming a published author

- Gain credibility in your industry as a thought leader

- Donation of Royalties and Portion of Registration Fee to One Day Movement. 

Whom would we love to write for this book?

• People fed up with the conversations of division/separateness and negativity on social media

• People who value peace, art, and creative expression

• Community Leaders

• Life Coaches

• Spiritual individuals

• Self-help/self-development focused individuals

• Artists, Speakers, Storytellers, Writers

• People who want to be part of the solution (from the current conversations of division)

• People who value perspectives different than their own

• Lightworkers/Healers

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