Inspirations Phase III
ISBN-13: 978-1-7324982-8-0
Step 1:
Review the Final Approval PDF
Inspirations Final Approval
Final Approvals are due by July 9th at Noon (PST). If they aren't received by that time we will assume everything is great with your chapter and there are no changes necessary.
Step 2:
Fill Out The Final Approval Form
Final Approval Form
The only allowable changes are misspellings and typos, one-word corrections or how the manuscript is written will not be taken into account. If you notice something that you feel must be changed there will be a $10/edit adjustment fee, please reach out to Kyra at 602-592-1141 if you feel the change is absolutely necessary. As You Wish Publishing has the final say on all proposed edits. 
Step 3:
Once you submit your final approval be patient
There is a lot that needs to happen from this point going forward. Please be patient with us over the following weeks as we get the book together. You don't need to do anything right now. You may choose to let people know you are writing in a book but it isnt necessary.