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About Our Publishing Process

Manuscript Questions

After You Publish with Us

General Publishing Questions

About Our Publishing Process

Q: How long will it take to order my published book?

A: When ordering from Amazon KDP, it can take up to 3 weeks to get a bulk book order delivered.

Q: Where will my book be distributed?

A: It will be on Amazon. With our included expanded distribution, your book will be made available in multiple areas, including Barnes & Noble online.

Q: In what formats do you publish your books?

A: Paperback and eBook. 6x9 (general non-fiction size print book) and 8x10 (workbook size print book). There are other format options, but these are the most commonly printed by standard. We print soft covers only.

Q: When do you design my book cover?

A: Once you've completed your final approval form, we can begin your book cover design.

Manuscript Questions

Q: Do you have a maximum page count for manuscripts?

A: You may have up to 200 pages in a standard 6x9 formatted book in Microsoft Word for your manuscript. Over 200 pages will cost an additional 69 cents per page.

Q: Can I use images in my book?

A: You may optionally include up to ten (10) black and white images (300-1200 dpi, hi-resolution) which you would need to add to the inside of your manuscript before submission. We can accommodate color interior images if you’d like to inquire for a custom quote, but we don't include color interior as an option in our publishing packages because your wholesale print book cost would triple, at minimum. This would make your book much more expensive to produce, purchase, and would severely eat into your profit margin for print book sales. Color interior books are best utilized when attached to a product or program within a larger business strategy.  

Q: Do you guys handle all the formatting? Chapters and all?

A: Yes. We make your book look like a book.

Q: What format does my manuscript need to be in?

A: We require your submitted manuscript to be in .doc or .docx format. We do not accept .pages or Google Docs. It must be .doc or .docx. To minimize any formatting issues you may experience transferring your document to MS Word from a different writing program, we recommend that you write your manuscript in MS Word. We know people love their Macs, but the publishing world still runs in Microsoft Word, for the time being.

Q: Should my book include an introduction? Front matter? How do I know when I’m done writing my manuscript and ready to publish? 

A: Since we are primarily a non-fiction publisher, we generally recommend that your book include an introduction and a conclusion, no more than 1-2 pages each. Optionally, you could also include a foreword (written by someone else), and a preface before your introduction. Other options you could include are a dedication page and acknowledgements or thank you page.


A Note about Forewords: If you have asked someone to write a foreword, be sure to WAIT to submit your manuscript until you have received and added the foreword—after that, submit your completed manuscript to us. 

Q: Should I edit (or have someone edit) my manuscript before submitting it to you for publishing?

A: Absolutely! What you submit IS your book. We are going to format and adjust the book, but we won't make any editing changes to the document. We strongly recommend, at minimum, that you run your manuscript through (for free) and fix any errors it finds prior to manuscript submission. Your manuscript should be polished before you submit it to us for publishing.

Q: What if I have changes I want to make to my manuscript? Can I resubmit it?

A: Unfortunately, no. You may only submit your manuscript one time. We have to enforce this strictly to keep things running smoothly. Once you submit your manuscript, your book is done being written and you will not be able to add any more content. So, make absolutely certain your manuscript is 100% complete before you submit it for publishing. You will have one final opportunity to check formatting and check for misspellings and typos in Step 2 of the EZ Publish process. But you can't resubmit after you have submitted your work.  

Q: How long do I have to turn in my manuscript?

A: We allow authors 365 days from their EZ Publish package purchase date to submit their manuscript to be published in print and eBook format. 

Q: What about footnotes or endnotes? 

A: If you want to keep your book’s lead time as short as possible, we recommend that you not use footnotes, but instead add your list of citations at the end of your book (along with any appendices). Footnotes generally apply to academic books.

After You Publish with Us

Q: Do you set the price point for my book? How does that work?

A: No. We can set the price for you based on industry standards, but you can change the price of your book anytime from your KDP Bookshelf (back office). 

Q: Do you offer wholesale discounts when I order my books?

A: Yes! Your paperback books will cost you approximately $3.00–$4.50 each when you order at wholesale. You may then sell your paperback copies at any price-point you wish. Many of our authors make the majority of their profits this way.

Q: How can I order more copies of my book?

A: Through your KDP account in your back office. 

Q: How long does it take for my book to be printed?

A: If you're ordering author copies from your KDP back office, it can take 2-3 weeks for delivery. If you are buying on Amazon, you can get your book in as few as 2 days at retail price.

Q: How do I get my book into bookstores?

A: You can go to your local book stores, and ask them to carry your book.

Q: Where will my book be sold?

A: On Amazon. And you may order author copies to sell wholesale to retail.

Q: Will my book be available in international markets?

A: Yes.

Q: How many authors give you feedback on what happened after they publish with you?

A: All of them. Everyone has always been completely satisfied with their product. We've never received any negative reviews.

General Publishing Questions

Q: Can a self-published book be picked up by another publisher?

A: Yes. We give you 100% ownership of your book, so you can shop it around to other publishers without having to check with us.

Q: Why don't more authors self-publish on their own?

A: Some try, and discover that it's more technical and problematic than they realize. Self-publishing without professional support almost always reveals the book was amateurly done, especially when there is no actual publisher associated with the book. This is unfortunate since many manuscripts are high quality.

When it comes to cutting corners, no one will notice if you buy off-brand kitchenware at the dollar store to save a few bucks, but when it comes to your car's brakes, you might want to pay to have someone else do it. Some assets are worth investing in, especially your manuscript.

Q: Aren't publishers supposed to pay me an advance to publish my book?

A: Traditional publishers may give you an advance for your book (usually between $1,000–$5,000), however, you are required to pay the advance back through your book's royalties before you will start to see any royalties come in (usually $1 per book). If you don't make up the difference in the advance through book royalties, then the traditional publisher will take that remaining amount out of your next book they produce for you or they will not hire you back for another book.  

Q: Why don't more authors choose traditional publishers?

  • Their distribution systems have been dwarfed by the advent of the Internet.

  • Only 1 to 2 percent of submitted manuscripts get traditionally published.

  • Literary agents are often necessary to navigate industry politics.

  • A professionally written book is often a requirement.

Q: Why should I pay for publishing?

A: Because if you don't, you may lose ownership of your book and most of its royalties. Traditional publishers (which we are not) who pay an advance to publish a book may seem glamorous, but they come with a hefty price—they will own your book's copyright and a majority percentage of your book's earning power (royalties) forever. Your book becomes their asset, and you get a small cut (usually $1 per book sale). On the other hand, when you invest with AYW, you are paying not only for book production but also for the opportunity to make better money with your book (100% royalties, low wholesale print cost).

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