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We Offer Amazing Quality at Low Cost

Our professional Editors, Format Specialists, Book Cover Graphic Designers, and Amazon Marketing Strategists can help bring your book to life with our High-Quality Publishing Services. If you are ready to write your book you will not find a better place to publish your book than with As You Wish Publishing.


You get 100% Royalties and Low Print Cost

Hidden costs are scary! Our main goal at AYW is to make sure you are being paid properly. Other publishers will cut into your royalties up to 93% and charge an massive amount to send you print copies. With AYW everything is set up with the author in mind. We charge a flat fee to publish your book, no hidden costs, no add-on cost later. 


You Will Know Who You Are Talking To

We give individualized attention at AYW, a family-owned business. We are tiny but mighty. Having served more than 300 authors we understand personal care is important. Our private Facebook Community and Monthly Mastermind Meetings support our authors in building confidence and peace of mind.

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