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Every Story Matters

At As You Wish Publishing, we provide authors with the opportunity to feel empowered and satisfied with the entire publishing process. We will help you make the journey from your copyedited manuscript to print and ebook easier, faster and more affordable.


Whether you are a first-time author or a seasoned professional, As You Wish Publishing will make sure that your vision is realized.

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Want to Publish Your Book the EZ Way?

Check out our EZ Publish Offer. 

Your book must be ready to upload fully copyedited in order to purchase an EZ Publish Package

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KC Cooper

I have really enjoyed the process of becoming a published author with your company (3x's). Since elementary school, people have commented on my writing; and I often wondered if I was good enough to be published. The opportunities you provide, give many of us a chance to test the water; and your feedback is invaluable!!! You guys have given me the courage to silence my inner critic, and step up to the plate. Your platform is exactly what beginners like myself need to rise from the shadows and share our stories with the world... Thank you so much!!!


Rose Bourassa

When I submitted my first story, I never envisioned myself a professional writer or doing anything beyond that first story
The excitement of writing the story and waiting on launch day fired up the author in me. The words of encouragement I received from Kyra, Todd and other authors in each book changed my mindset. It made me realize not only could I be a writer-but I am a writer!!! So many new stories and friends made through this amazing publishing company. They are like no other!!


Patricia Holegate Haney

Dreams can become reality. I’d always enjoyed books, the adventures they took me on, and the thoughts and ideas that were born and fed by these underpinnings in my imagination. I wanted to write since I was very young. I wrote stories and poems and journal-type accounts of what was happening around me, inside me. I was given the opportunity to participate in a chapter book, and it changed me when I completed it. Once I felt the book in my hand, I became encouraged and challenged myself to keep going - allowing myself the pursuit of a dream and, with the encouragement of Kyra and Todd, I continue the journey down that path. Thank you!

As You Wish Means "I Love You"

Kyra Schaefer

For over 20 years, Kyra has been a practitioner of hypnotherapy and teaching workshops and seminars all over the globe. She is the founder and President of Schaefer Institute for Hypnosis certifying students to become professional hypnotherapy counselors. Kyra is also renowned for her work in the publishing arena and is the Founder and Director of As You Wish Publishing. She is best known for featuring up and coming writers in collaborative book projects winning several Amazon awards and best-selling status recognition.

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Todd Schaefer

Todd left his job to focus his attention on As You Wish Publishing when Kyra began to notice the need to get our author's messages out to the world became overwhelming. He stepped in to handle the duties of COO. He has managed all the systems that help our authors navigate their way to easily become published. Every time we hear an author say, "Wow that was so easy!" it's because of Todd. 

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