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Transform Your Holistic Business

with Expert Guidance and Group Coaching

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"I will meet you where you're at." -Todd

With Todd as your guide, you'll receive expert education, engaging discussions, actionable prompts, and consistent weekly accountability to build your local business from the ground up

I'm interested!

  • Free Consult

  • 14-Day, Full-Access Trial for $1

  • No Long-term Commitment 

  • Affordable Pricing, Tax Deductible

  • Options to work with me 1-on-1


Level-up your spiritual awareness and development.


Enhance your business with accountability coaching and more.

Personal Development

Get free from the past and embrace the future you want.

You are in the right place if...

Are you an aspiring spiritual/holistic business owner who wants to build your business in harmony with principles of healthy living, positive mindset, and authentic, integrity-driven practices? If so, this is the ideal place for you! 

My Mission

I understand the unique challenges that spiritual and holistic business owners face. Your business is an extension of your ministry, personal journey, and desire to help others. As someone who has successfully built two six-figure spiritual/holistic businesses with my wife, Kyra, I am passionate about offering affordable and practical coaching.

My mission is to support and guide you throughout your business journey, offering practical solutions, skills, and confidence as you navigate the challenges of business growth. I aim to consistently deliver exceptional value and exceed your expectations. I aim to offer a safe space where you can overcome obstacles, address limitations, and receive practical business coaching. Together, we will strive for success, embracing opportunities for continuous growth and raise the bar of what is possible.

Benefits of Signing up:

  • Learn proven business practices: Gain access to valuable insights and strategies to enhance your holistic business. This program emphasizes personal development, professional business mindset, selling authentically, client management, business operations and systems, and local business marketing strategies. Benefit from Todd Schaefer's expertise and receive actionable advice and accountability.

  • Receive ongoing guidance and support: Engage in live Zoom calls and join a community of like-minded holistic and spiritual business owners. Participate in weekly coaching sessions where you can receive expert guidance from Todd and fellow participants.

  • Build confidence and overcome limitations: Gain the confidence and skills necessary to operate your business successfully. Address personal limitations, and develop a strong sense of self-assurance as a practitioner and business owner.

  • Connection, support, and networking: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share similar goals and aspirations. Engage in masterminding sessions, receive accountability check-ins, and connect with fellow practitioners and business owners. You'll never feel alone in building your business.

  • Silver and Gold tiers: Upgrade to Silver or Gold tiers to gain additional benefits. These include private 1-on-1 business coaching sessions with Todd via Zoom. Work closely with Todd to address specific challenges, refine your strategies, and accelerate your business growth.

  • General Q & A: In the event that we have any time remaining at the conclusion of our Thursday Zoom calls, we can utilize it for a general question and answer session.


  • Customized Group Business Coaching with other Holistic/Spiritual Business Owners

  • Flexibility and No Long-term Commitment (month-by-month subscription)

  • Access to Supportive Private Facebook Community 

  • Opportunity for 1-on-1 Sessions 

  • Affordable Pricing

  • 14-day Trial for $1

  • Free Consult

  • In summary, by signing up for the group coaching program, you'll have the opportunity to learn proven business practices, receive ongoing guidance and support, build confidence, connect with a supportive community, and unlock additional benefits in the Silver and Gold tiers. This comprehensive package aims to empower you in transforming your holistic business and achieving sustainable success.


About the Program

Welcome to my group business coaching program, where we'll work together to apply practical insights for your business success. My coaching draws on the core content from my three internationally best-selling business books, but our focus is on real-world application rather than just reading.


Throughout our sessions, we'll explore various topics essential for your business growth sequenced through the books to provide a foundation. Each week, we'll delve into different areas, and I'll guide our discussions, provide coaching, and ask thought-provoking questions to help you apply these concepts directly to your business.


Together, we'll build a strong foundation to attract local clients, master the art of selling, streamline your management processes, deliver excellent customer service, and organize your business operations effectively. No need to worry about just passively reading books; this program is all about taking action and seeing tangible results in your business. Let's embark on this journey together and elevate your business to new heights!

You'll receive our program's core material: my business books

Upon signing up, I will send you my paperback business books—a $45 value—for FREE!

Butts in Seats, Selling Emotionally Transformative Services and Needing vs. Leading form the core content for the group business coaching program. I will also email you the eBooks.

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Common challenges my clients face:

  • Seeking guidance and support to navigate their journey effectively.

  • Struggling to stay motivated and accountable for their actions.

  • Needing to generate sustainable income and financial stability.

  • Feeling overwhelmed and battling self-doubt and insecurities.

  • Dealing with burnout and the pressures of high expectations.

  • Desiring to be of service rather than being solely focused on sales.

Common goals my clients aspire to achieve:

  • Finding a coach who truly understands their values, purpose, and aspirations.

  • Building a thriving coaching business that exceeds their current income.

  • Waking up every day to meaningful and enjoyable work.

  • Integrating their spirituality into their business for greater fulfillment.

  • Creating a scalable business model that allows for growth and expansion.

Business Strategy and Development:

  • Step-by-step instructions for building your business

  • Organizational tips for structuring it

  • Identify your business's blind spots

  • Systems creation and implementation

  • Attract clients through effective positioning... and much more!

Personal Growth and Mindset:

  • Challenge assumptions and foster a growth-oriented attitude

  • Support leadership development and professional mindset 

  • Provide ongoing guidance, accountability, and support to step out of your comfort zone

  • Support self-awareness and positive reinforcement

  • Set boundaries and realistic expectations for yourself and clients

  • Promote self-care and healthy work-life balance

Who I typically work with:

  • Aspiring holistic business owners

  • Individuals with holistic certifications or pursuing them

  • Holistic business owners, holistic certification holders, spiritual business owners

  • People who offer transformational services to clients: life coaches, hypnotherapists, energy healers, intuitive healers, etc.

  • Spiritually-minded people

Ideal for those working part-time with clients who want to:

  • Strengthen their business

  • Legitimize their business further

  • Become more profitable

  • Build it to full-time status (not a requirement)


Janet Sett-Zavala, Life Coach

“I highly recommend Todd’s coaching services. When I went to Todd for coaching, I was drowning in a sea of overwhelm and confusion. I knew the outcome that I wanted, but I was spinning - trying to DO everything and BE everything to get to that destination. I was ineffective and inconsistent. With Todd’s help and expert coaching, he was able to gently push me past my comfort zone. He kept me on track and held me accountable with the actions that I decided were right for me to take. He provided me with the necessary validation that I was going in the right direction and provided me with valuable resources to refer back to. Since working with Todd, I’ve been told by other colleagues that I appear much more relaxed and confident. And I am. I’m very grateful for the coaching I’ve received and finally believe that my desired outcome is now a true possibility.”

Carolyn Mackey.png

Carolyn Mackey, CHt

"I am so grateful I connected with Todd Schaefer because I needed the type and quality of coaching he offers, but had no idea where to find it. I have substantial knowledge about what a business requires, but to apply the knowledge practically, to my specific vision and offering, has been increasingly overwhelming. I’ve built my business from simple trial and error based on what I know and have read about. But with Todd’s expertise, I’m now able to prioritize, streamline, and focus my efforts in a way that cuts out unnecessary steps or wheel spinning. He is the second set of eyes looking out for the well being of my business, which is invaluable to me. My best qualities as a healer and teacher make being in business for myself somewhat challenging, and Todd has helped me navigate the unfamiliar terrain in a way that works well for me. I highly recommend getting his perspective about how to grow your healing business.

Rae,_Susan_Headshot_-_Own_Your_Awesome (1).JPG

Susan Rae, Life Coach

“I am so grateful to have Todd in my corner, bringing the knowledge, skill and experience I need to next level everything! AND he manages to be compassionate and create a sense for me that I am completely accepted while also holding me accountable so I can make the difference in the world that I came here to make. Thank you, Todd! If you are ready to break through the obstacles holding you back in business or in life, it’s time to hire Todd!”

About Todd Schaefer

Todd has worked in personal development for 15 years, coaching over 2,000 clients 1-on-1. He has co-created two six-figure businesses and was voted Life Coach of the Year (runner-up), and his clinic was voted Mental Health Provider of the Year in 2014 by Natural Awakenings Magazine.


Todd has published four books of his own:

He is the Chief of Operations and Editor-in-Chief for As You Wish Publishing. - Do you have a manuscript written? Publish affordably with us!

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  • Valued at $480/mo. — your price is $144/mo.

  • Weekly 1-hour Zoom Group Coaching Calls on Thursday evenings (replays posted to FB group). Includes accountability check-ins, expert education and coaching, emphasis on applicationhomework.

  • Full-Access to my private Facebook community of business owners.

  • Valued at $720/mo. — your price is $297/mo.

  • With Silver, you get everything in Bronze, plus the following:

  • private 1-hour business coaching sessions per month with Todd via Zoom. 

  • 3-month minimum; 1 year recommended.

  • Valued at $840/mo. — your price is $357/mo.

  • With Gold, you get everything in Bronze, plus the following:

  • 3 private 1-hour business coaching sessions per month with Todd via Zoom. 

  • 3-month minimum; 1 year recommended.

Weekly Meeting Structure:

Our weekly sessions will be structured to ensure your progress and growth are maximized. Here's what you can expect:


  • Individualized Check-ins: Let's start by acknowledging your dedication to your business journey. During check-in, feel free to share how you've engaged with the coaching from the previous week. This allows us to celebrate your efforts and explore any challenges or successes you've experienced. Remember, growth is a continuous process, and we value every step you take towards your goals.

  • Customized Coaching, Teaching and Discussion:  As a group, we'll engage in personalized coaching, teaching, and masterminding. This collaborative approach encourages the sharing of best practices and allows me to provide valuable suggestions tailored to your specific business needs. Together, we'll explore solutions based on your unique journey and experiences.

  • Application and Homework: I invite you to choose a goal that challenges you while being attainable for you to implement in your business this week. This exercise helps maintain accountability and encourages tangible steps towards your goals. During the next check-in, we'll discuss your progress and provide support for any adjustments needed.

  • General Q&A: If time allows at the end of the session, the floor is open for any general questions you may have. Whether related to the discussed topics or not, this is an excellent opportunity to seek clarity or gather additional guidance.

By following this structured approach, we'll ensure that you receive personalized attention, valuable insights, and practical tools to advance your business confidently. Let's work together to achieve your business goals!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after my free consult with Todd?

If Todd determines he can help you after the consult, he'll offer the $1 full-access trial for 14 days. Once you sign up, you'll be added to the private Facebook group where you can access the community, teaching videos, and pre-recorded group coaching calls via Zoom. Additionally, you'll receive a Zoom link to join our live weekly meetings on Thursday nights at 6:00pm MST that last 60 minutes. The 14-day trial does not automatically convert to a monthly membership. After the trial, inform Todd if you want to become a member. The eBooks and print books are provided when you become a full member.

How will I be charged as a member?

You will be charged right away when you sign up, and then automatically every month on the same day you signed up. For example, if you sign up on July 10th, you will be charged on August 10th, September 10th, and so on.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you want to cancel your membership, just send me an email expressing your desire to cancel. Your membership will be cancelled immediately. Please note that there won't be a refund for the current month you've already paid for. However, no further payments will be deducted from your account, and you can still access and enjoy all the content for the remaining month. Once your paid month ends, you will be removed from the private Facebook group, but you're welcome to join again anytime you want.

How long is this group coaching program?

The program is purposefully open-ended to be used as a continual resource as your business grows. Unlike programs with rigid timelines, my approach offers ongoing support and assistance for as long as you need and find value in it. Say goodbye to limitations and restrictions—there are no set durations or expiration dates holding you back. With my program, you have the freedom to explore and receive the support you need at your own pace. Whether it's a short-term boost or a long-term commitment, my program is here to empower you throughout your entire journey. Experience the boundless possibilities of personal and professional growth with my open-ended program.

Why is the program priced so affordably?

My program is priced to justifiably fit into your monthly budget, allowing you to focus on building your business without financial strain. With a reasonable price, you can enjoy the ongoing support and benefits of the program, knowing that you are making a sound investment in your future success.

What if I am unable to attend the scheduleZoom calls?
No worries! If you can't attend meetings, you can still catch the replays of every Zoom coaching call in the private Facebook group as well as pre-submit questions to be answered on the next call. This way, you can still receive valuable insights at a time that suits you best.  

Can Silver or Gold members use their 1-on-1 coaching sessions whenever they want? Do sessions roll over each month?

You can schedule 1-on-1 sessions at any point within the month, but they do not roll over monthly. If unused, they are forfeited for that month. The 3-month commitment for Silver or Gold members aims to ensure accountability and momentum for business development. For optimal results, it's recommended to have sessions every two weeks, allowing time to complete assignments between coaching sessions.

Can I invite other holistic business owners to join this program?  
Absolutely! I encourage you to invite other holistic business owners to join. See the affiliate program below.

Do you have an Affiliate Program? 

Yes! For each new person you refer who becomes a member of my program, I will pay you a $50 affiliate bonus after they sign up! Even better, you aren't required to be a member to send your referrals to me!  

Can I contact you if I have any questions before signing up?

Of course! Before signing up, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact me at connect @ asyouwishpublishing .com. If you're ready to join us now, feel free to sign up, and upon doing so, I will personally send you a welcome email, access to the private FB group, eBooks, and your paperback books will be ordered promptly. See you soon!

  • Affordable Pricing, Tax Deductible

  • No Long-term Commitment (month-by-month subscription)

  • Group Coaching, plus Opportunity for 1-on-1 Sessions 

Book a Free Consult with me

(required before $1 trial to ensure we're a fit)

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