Holistic Phase II
ISBN-13:  Coming Soon
Step 1:
Content Creation Video
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Questions you want to ask yourself when you are creating content for your chapter
This video is based on the previous title, but the content remains the same. 
Step 2:
Editing Tips and Best Practices
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All of our style guide information and easy ways for you to clean up your content. Be sure to edit your work after you have written the first draft. Get it all out first, then edit. The work will go much faster. 
You will need your work copy edited before you submit it to us to make sure it is your best work. You may also choose to use www.fiverr.com for discount copy editing services. 
Step 3:
Write Your Bio
Here is your bio template if you are having difficulty determining how to write your bio. 
(Your Name) is a (What professional credentials do you use, such as Naturopath, Life Coach, Hypnotist, etc.). (She/He) helps (assists) individuals (men/women/children) with (Write what primary problem you solve). Her/His Passion (purpose/mission) is (What is your calling?). You can reach (Your Name) at (Website, Phone, Email)
Example: Kyra Schaefer is an independent publisher. She helps make book publishing accessible for aspiring authors in collaborative books that help. Her passion is to debunk the myth that writing is difficult and only available for a lucky chosen few. You can reach Kyra at www.asyouwishpublising.com
Step 4:
Submit Your Chapter
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A couple of things you should know:
1. Make sure this is your best work, this is going into a professional book. You want to make sure you put your best foot forward.
2. You will not be able to change your bio once you submit.
3. There is a limited number of characters on the form if you try to submit the form with an overage of numbers it won't allow you to do so.
4. If you once you submit and don't get a confirmation email please be sure to check your junk folder.  
Step 5:
Profit Share (Optional)
Profit Share Form Link
If you would like to participate in our optional profit share you will need to fill out a form.
Some things to keep in mind:
1. You will get to share in the online ebook and paperback book sales once you fill out the form on the above link.
2. You will be required to do a couple of extra steps throughout the year to remain eligible for Profit Share. 
3. You will get a quarterly statement to show the current payout per author which will be paid in one lump sum at one year from the launch date. Any profits after the first year will not be paid out. 
Step 6:
Facebook Group
Facebook Link
Be sure to check your Facebook Group regularly. Most announcements and updates are found in that area.