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Book Registration

Registration Closes June 20th

About the Book


The intention of this book is not only to help people find new ways of healing but also to help you, the author to become a leading expert in your field of study. We want this to help with your marketing efforts and to drive traffic to your site, make additional income as well as market yourself as an author, opening additional opportunities. 

Why Participate in a Collaborative Book? 

We’ve written several collaborative and solo books and we know doing so gives you the power to change lives in a bigger way. When you publish with us, you have the opportunity to inspire others and build more credibility for yourself.  We’ve published over 100 authors thus far, and have even provided opportunities to have them speak and teach about their message with our telesummits and occasional live events. We’ve helped so many authors share their uplifting words and inspire others, and we’d love to have you join us also!

All of our previous books have become Amazon bestsellers in multiple categories and many copies have been sold. We walk you through every step of the publishing journey, whether you are a new author or returning. We’ve created an outstanding community of authors who support one another and positively impact the world.

At As You Wish Publishing, our motto is “Every story matters.” Everyone has a story to share. We make book publishing accessible to aspiring authors who have the wisdom to share. We know that your inspiring words will help others, and we look forward to sharing your words to make a difference in others’ lives.

Who are our Ideal Contributors? 

We want contributors who are positive, heart-centered, want to help others, and make a difference. Our ideal contributors want to share this book, get excited about reaching audiences with their writing and embrace the collaborative editing process.  If this sounds like you, we would love for you to join us!

How Will it Work?

  • Write your submission, no longer than 2500 words.

  • Get your submission professionally copyedited before you submit it to us. You may use our copyeditor, Rhonda Carroll if you like.

  • Write your bio and send us your headshot photo; both will be featured in the book.

  • You will have a chance to do final approval of your manuscript, image and bio before publication.

  • We do the rest!

What are the Benefits?

  • Interview with Publisher: You will have an opportunity to be interviewed by Kyra Schaefer at As You Wish Publishing to help our community learn about you and give you the credential of being interviewed on video and shared on multiple platforms for your future marketing endeavors. 

  • Rising Star Award: As with all our books, there will be a Rising Star Award granted to an Author that we feel exemplifies the message of trusting themselves and their work to go above the norm and offer stellar work from the beginning. (no cash prize)

  • Profit Sharing: In order to participate, you will fill out an additional form and be required to do some additional no-cost marketing that will help you gain income as an author. 

Terms and Conditions

On this page, you will agree to our terms and conditions and pay to be a featured author in the book. You are not required at this time to submit your 2500 word article. Registration will close at midnight June 20th. We are only taking 22 authors for this book, and this form will be taken down once that number is reached. We want your best work, so we are giving you a couple of weeks to fine-tune your message. The due date for your writing will be July 15th at midnight. Your article must be professionally copyedited prior to submission.

Frequently Asked Questions  

When will the book come out?

To be announced

How long should my submission be?

No more than 2500 words


When is my submission due?

July 15th at midnight, no exceptions; please plan accordingly.


What format(s) will the book be released in?

Kindle, paperback

Will I be able to order multiple copies of this book at a discount when it comes out?

Yes, you will be able to order wholesale priced books through the publisher in bulk orders of 10.

Will you edit my submission?

You must get your submission professionally copyedited before you submit it to us for the first time. You may find your own professional copyeditor, or use ours, Ronnie Carroll, After you get your article professionally copyedited, then you may submit it to the publisher for the first time.

I don't know what to write. Can you help?

There is a video we’ve created that will give you content suggestions after you’ve signed up.

How much will it cost?


Do you offer a payment plan?


Can I sign up for more than one submission?


Can I sign up for multiple submissions and give them to friends?

No. Your friends would have to sign up for themselves after reading the terms and conditions and register on this page with their information, just as you did.

Am I guaranteed to be in the book if I reserve my space?


What are the benefits of working with you specifically?

Community, Profit Sharing Plan, Interview with Publisher, Rising Star Award.

What types of writing do you accept?


Who retains the copyright?

The author. You are only giving us permission to print your writing.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We have a referral program: when an author brings in a new As You Wish Publishing author to the book you are currently in, the referring author (you) gets $10.


Fill Out the Form 

Fill out the form below and wait for it to redirect you to the PayPal button. The investment to be a part of this book is $197. There are no refunds. The only reason we will refund is if we believe that the article isn't a match for the book. We will discuss next steps and communicate if that is an issue.