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Transform Your Life, Get Unstuck & Attune To Your Inner Goddess

  • Do you feel stuck, uninspired, and bored?

  • Do you know you have a massive powerful flow but haven't been able to access it lately?

  • Have you been experiencing a love deficit in your life?

  • Do you need a break from the world for a little while and get recharged?


If you answered YES to the above, read on...

During this 2-day online retreat, I will guide you to:

  • Find a deeper connection to your inner goddess

  • Reconnect to creative flow with fun and easy fulfilling exercises

  • Experience your true divine nature through creativity

  • Break out of old paradigms that have locked you up

  • Fun and thoughtful exercises that will help you unlock trapped energy

Unlock your True Goddess with the 5 Goddess Principles

Purity - We will clear out any of the upset you have been experiencing in a loving way. It's okay to get real with what you have been through and your Goddesses will be here for you cheering you on as you step into your power even more.

Intuition - We will play intuitive games. You will learn how your intuition can help you achieve your goals and become more aware of your inner voice vs. your inner critic? 

True Love - You will engage in activities that make the experience of love more readily available and find out if there are any internal blocks that are keeping you from loving yourself deeply.

Beauty - Bask in the beauty and abundance that is your birthright. Bring more joy to the most cherished and underappreciated parts of your being. 

The Embrace - Embrace all that you have cultivated throughout the event and anchor in and seal up the love and connection you received. You will receive your Goddess Attunement that will connect you deeply to your truth. 



Create Your Custom Oracle Journal

During the class, we will turn the wisdom and guidance you receive from the goddesses into a personalized oracle journal you can turn to for insight long after the class had ended. 

But Wait...There's More

Bonus #1: (for students who enroll by April 5th)

  • 118-Piece Deluxe Art Set, Wooden Case, Painting / Drawing / Art Kit with Acrylic Paint, Pencils, Oil Pastels, Watercolor Cakes, Coloring Book, Watercolor Sketch Pad





Bonus #2: 

  • Daily Goddess Emails - Fun Activities, Insights, and Info for the time you register until the virtual event. 

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Reawaken April 10-11th Virtual Retreat

April 9: 6:30 pm PST 1 hour Opening Ceremony
April 10: 11:11 am PST - 7pm PST
April 11: 11:11 am PST - 5pm PST

Regular Price: $845

Special Price: $497

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