What Others Have Asked

Before Applying to Be Published 

General Questions

Q: Do I really get to keep 100% royalties from my book?

A: Yes! When you publish with us, you keep 100% of your book's earnings forever. We make no residual income from your book.

Q: Do I get to keep the copyright to my book?

A: Yes! When you publish with us, you keep your book's full copyright forever.

Q: What types of books do you publish? 

A: We publish only non-fiction books. No adult coloring books, no fiction books, no children's books, no cookbooks.

Q: How long will it take to publish my book?

A: It takes approximately 3-6 months to produce your book once you submit your manuscript, plus one month for you to order your wholesale books. 

Q: If I share my manuscript with you to be considered for publishing, does that waive any of my rights or copyright?

A: Absolutely not. We treat your manuscript with complete confidentiality. We only read and evaluate your manuscript to discuss the possibility of working with you. 

Q: What types of book publishing packages do you offer?

A: They're all right here.

Q: Do you offer wholesale discounts when I order my books?

A: Yes! Your paperback books will cost you approximately $3.00–$4.50 each when you order at wholesale. You may then sell your paperback copies at any price-point you wish. Many of our authors make the majority of their profits this way.

Q: Do you offer support for authors during the publishing process?

A: Yes! We will provide you with access to our library of writers' training videos (called the Book-Building Skills section of your Author's Portal) which will help polish your manuscript. We additionally provide email support for general inquiries.

Q: Do you promote or develop your authors?

A: Yes! We will spotlight your success along the publishing journey, interview you to promote your book, as well as coordinate your book's launch efforts in tandem with you. We provide all the education you need to rank your book on Amazon as well.

Q: In what formats do you publish your books?

A: 6x9 (general non-fiction size print book) or 8x10 (workbook size print book). There are other format options, but these two are the most commonly printed by standard. We print soft covers only.


Q: What type of publisher are you?

A: We are an Independent publisher. Unlike traditional publishers, we allow our authors to retain full control of their work. You keep your copyright. You keep 100% of your book's royalties. All of your book's financial earnings go directly to you. When you work with us, you are paying for our publishing service to produce, publish and/or help you rank your book. 

Q: What’s your maximum word count you allow?

A: Our publishing packages include up to 50,000 words at no additional cost. You may publish more than 50,000 words, but there will be an additional charge of $4 per 200 words over 50,000 words.

Q: Do you have hidden costs?

A: No. When you pay for a package, everything is included. The only exception is the additional charge of $4 for every 200 words over 50,000 words.

Q: Do I get a PDF of my book?

A: Yes, you will get a PDF Advance Reader Copy to share with whomever you like. If you have chosen our Launch Package, you would hand out your ARC to your launch team so that they can provide Amazon reviews to assist in ranking your book on Amazon.

Q: Can you help me choose a title for my book?

A: Yes, we provide video training on how to title your book in our Author's Portal, and we’ll even help you brainstorm titles upon your request prior to your final manuscript submission. 

Q: When do you design my book cover?

A: After you have approved all red-line edits and you have turned in your final approved manuscript.

Q: Can I use images in my book?

A: You may optionally include up to ten (10) black and white images (300-1200 dpi, hi-resolution) which you would need to add to the inside of your manuscript before submission. We can accommodate color interior images if you’d like to inquire for a custom quote, but we don't include color interior as an option in our publishing packages because your wholesale print book cost would triple, at minimum. This would make your book much more expensive to produce, purchase, and would severely eat into your profit margin for print book sales. Color interior books are best utilized when attached to a product or program within a larger business strategy.

Q: What about beneficiaries for my royalties?

A: One of the first things we ask that you do once you invest in your publishing package with us is to fill out our “Just in Case” form, so we know who to notify about all matters related to your book if the unforeseen happens to you.

Q: How do you help me to Launch my book?

A: When you invest in our Launch Package, you will be sent an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of your book, and then you will choose about 20 dependable people to review your book on your chosen launch dates. We will provide you with Launch Team Email Templates, hundreds of Marketing Images to choose from, we will spotlight you as an author via our social media, and we will consult with you on your launch preferences.

We also provide video training on how to get free media coverage and reach, how to do a Facebook live to promote yourself, and as mentioned earlier, we’ll provide email templates that you can send to your launch team which makes preparing for launch day easy. In addition to that, your Book Launch will include the following:

  • Premium Amazon e-Book Ranking Strategy

  • Premium Facebook Marketing Campaign​

  • Advanced Website Placement

  • In Dept Marketing Report with Links

  • Press Release to 350 News and Online Outlets with Report

Everything we mentioned will be utilized along with our trade secrets to rank your book to bestseller in one or more categories on Amazon Kindle version. Depending on your launch team’s size and ability to follow your directions, sometimes, your book will rank to bestseller in up to 10 categories or more, and with luck, your book may become an international bestseller on Amazon Kindle version.

Q: What types of writer training videos will I receive in my Author Portal’s Book-Building Skills section?

A: We have many writer training / orientation videos located both in your Author Portal and in our private author community for your convenience. Here are some of the titles of our custom-made videos you will have access to as one of our authors:

  • How to Outline Your Book

  • 20 Tips on Writing Your Solo Book

  • How Long Does it Take to Write a Book?

  • How to Write for Your Audience

  • How to Keep On Writing (Even if You Feel Like a Fraud)

  • How to Title Your Book

  • How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript

  • Hyphens En Dashes and Em Dashes

  • Indents Spacing & More

  • Formatting Basics 

  • Done is Better than Perfect: How to Finish Writing Your Book

  • How to Write Your Book's Back Cover Description

  • How to Write Great Bullet Points (for Your Back Cover)

  • How to Write Your Preface, Introduction, Conclusion (and Collect Your Foreword)

Manuscript Questions

Q: What format does my manuscript need to be in?

A: We require your submitted manuscript to be in .doc or .docx format. We also require that you use Microsoft Word to approve our red-line edits and return it to us in .doc or .docx format also. We do not accept .pages or Google Docs. It must be .doc or .docx. To minimize any formatting issues you may experience transferring your document to MS Word from a different writing program, we recommend that you write your manuscript in MS Word. We know people love their Macs, but the world still runs in Microsoft Word, for the time being.

Q: Should I edit (or have someone edit) my manuscript before submitting it to you for publishing?

(Note: Submitting your manuscript for publishing is not the same as attaching your chapters or manuscript when you submit your application to be considered for publishing prior to a phone consult with us.) 

A: Absolutely! We strongly recommend (and virtually require) that you run your manuscript through Grammarly.com (for free) and fix any errors it finds for you prior to manuscript submission. Your manuscript should be as polished as possible before you submit it to us for publishing.

Q: Once I invest to publish with you, when do I need to submit my manuscript for publishing?

A: After you purchase your publishing package with us, you may submit your manuscript anytime you wish. However, we strongly encourage all authors to review our orientation materials and writer training videos (Book-Building Skills Section of the Author Portal) before submitting your completed manuscript. Upon reviewing our author resources, 90% of writers discover that they forgot to include something in their manuscript, the front matter, or they decide they want to further improve their manuscript prior to submission. All of this is acceptable—this is why we created the Author's Portal, to make your book better! Once you purchase your publishing package, you will get full access to the Author's Portal so that you can check all the boxes and add your final touches to your manuscript prior to its submission for publishing.

Q: What if I have changes I want to make to my manuscript? Can I resubmit it?

A: Unfortunately, no. You may only submit your manuscript one time. We have to enforce this strictly to keep things running smoothly. Once you submit your manuscript, your book is done being written and you will not be able to add any more content. So, make absolutely certain your manuscript is 100% complete before you submit it for publishing. This is why we provide an abundance of author resources in the Author's Portal—to ensure you have a final chance to check all the boxes prior to manuscript submission. 

Q: What does your manuscript editing process look like?

A: Once you submit your manuscript to us, we will do a red-line copyedit “polish.” This means we will be checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and making comment queries if needed. We do not offer developmental copyediting (i.e. fact checking, substantive changes, content organization, evaluation of content value). If we notice anything glaringly wrong or something that doesn’t make sense in your writing, we will definitely make comment queries for you to address. In about a month, we will hand you our red-line edits and ask you to approve or reject each one, individually. You get to decide which edits to keep or discard because it's your book. You may send your final approved manuscript back to us anytime you wish after you have completed the review of your red-line edits.

Q: What happens after you’ve edited my manuscript, I’ve approved the red-line edits and I then turn in my final approved manuscript?

A: Next, we will format your book and produce a printed proof copy for your review. Once the printed proof copy is delivered to your door, you will then make note of any formatting issues, typos, or errors that may remain. You will then have one opportunity to have a phone conversation (in one sitting) with our team to correct any remaining errors in the printed proof copy.

Q: Should my book include an introduction? Front matter? How do I know when I’m done writing my manuscript and ready to publish? 

A: Since we are a non-fiction publisher, we generally recommend that your book include an introduction and a conclusion, no more than 1-2 pages each. Optionally, you could also include a foreword (written by someone else), and a preface before your introduction. Other options you could include are a dedication page and an acknowledgements or thank you page. We will show you how to write these front matter elements and your conclusion in our writer training videos in the Book-Building Skills section of your Author Portal. And of course, we encourage you to review all of these resources before your manuscript submission. (Prologues and epilogues are for fiction, by the way.)

Q: What about footnotes or endnotes? 

A: If you want to keep your book’s lead time as short as possible, we recommend that you not use footnotes, but instead add your list of citations at the end of your book (along with any appendices). Footnotes generally apply to academic books.

Tough Questions

Q: Why should I pay for publishing?

A: Because if you don't, you may lose ownership of your book and most of its royalties. Traditional publishers who pay an advance to publish a book may seem glamorous, but they come with a hefty price—they will own your book's copyright and a majority percentage of your book's earning power (royalties) forever. Your book becomes their asset, and you get a small cut (usually $1 per book sale). On the other hand, when you invest with us, you are paying not only for book production but also for the opportunity to make better money with your book (100% royalties, low wholesale print cost).

Q: Aren't publishers supposed to pay me an advance to publish my book?

A: Traditional publishers may give you an advance for your book (usually between $1,000–$5,000), however, you are required to pay the advance back through your book's royalties before you will start to see any royalties come in (usually $1 per book). If you don't make up the difference in the advance through book royalties, then the traditional publisher will take that remaining amount out of your next book they produce for you or they will not hire you back for another book.  

Q: Why don't more authors choose traditional publishers?

A: To make more money and to be in control of their work. Competition is fierce with traditional publishing, demanding considerable mastery of the politics of understanding the industry and crafting a book (which many authors don't have). The once-coveted and unparalleled distribution systems that traditional publishers have controlled for decades have since been dwarfed by the advent of the Internet. The trending movement for savvy authors is to publish with an independent or hybrid publisher or even self-publish their book so that they can retain their full copyright and full royalties forever while building an online following and platform to increase their book's earning power. 

Q: Why shouldn’t I just self-publish for cheaper?

A: Here are the top reasons you should choose us instead of self-publishing:

  • Professional Editing

  • Professional Formatting

  • Professional Book Cover Design

  • Professional Platform (i.e. more likely to get noticed by a big publisher if you have a professionally published book). 

Navigating the still waters of self-publishing is cheaper, but you won’t know if you are doing all of the steps we’ve mentioned correctly, and ranking to bestseller is virtually impossible without know-how. Self-publishing is best suited for authors who want to get their book out to friends, family or co-workers and who are NOT interested in becoming an international bestselling author. However, self-publishing is still a good option for authors who don’t need the extra bells and whistles. We have recommended some authors to self-publish when our consultation has revealed that our service was too robust for their needs, or they wouldn’t maximize our offering to their best benefit. 

Q: What kind of authors do you look for?

A: We look for authors who have the confidence to seek out bigger publishers, but upon their due diligence, have the wisdom not to publish with them. That may sound humorous or snarky, but think about it: there wouldn't be opportunities for smaller, more agile publishers like us if the bigger publishers were all taking good care of their authors (admittedly, some do). Any industry with companies which use outdated business practices, have trouble delivering on their promises, or have become a top-heavy organization will eventually face the challenge that all businesses face—staying relevant to the marketplace and staying responsive to their customers' needs. Treat your customers right, and they'll be happy and send referrals.

We look for authors who have positive messages to share through their authentic voices. We look for authors who are entrepreneurial-minded and who understand the power of using a print book as a high-profit-margin marketing tool to build their credibility, and sell their products and programs. 

Q: How should I evaluate publishers? I have heard some horror stories. 

A: We have heard our share of horror stories also, so you need to vet each publisher yourself and step towards the door if you feel a 'sales quota attitude' on the phone with them. Some publishers are incredibly forthright, authentic and author-first while others may attempt to upsell you or resort to hiding things in the fine print. Not all publishers are the same type. Not all offer the same features and benefits in their publishing packages. You should evaluate each publisher you have interest in on a case-by-case basis to determine if they offer what you want for your definition of publishing success.  

Q: Why should I choose you over another publisher? 

A: Why would you buy one car over another car? Because not all cars have the same purpose. If you want to drive fast, buy a sports car. If you want to haul lumber, buy a truck. Choosing one publisher over another entails understanding what the different publishers can offer you, and it depends what you want to accomplish for your book. 

Nevertheless, some of the best reasons to choose us as your publisher are that we give you:

  • 100% royalties to you forever (we set up your KDP account, then you manage it; we receive no residual revenue stream from your book)

  • 100% copyright to you forever 

  • All-inclusive (no hidden costs)

  • Low wholesale print book cost

  • Lifetime networking access to our non-toxic, friendly Author Support Community

  • Book-Building Skills / Writer Training Videos / Author's Portal full access

  • No manuscript deadline; submit it anytime you wish

Probably the best reason to work with us is because...

We are the only publisher (we know of) who extensively trains you to write a better book (or sharpen the one you’ve written) before you even submit your manuscript.

We encourage you to come onboard early, get to know us, use our resources, join our supportive community, and publish anytime you are ready. 

Apply today! We hope to see you soon!

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