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What are the hours that you will answer my messages, texts and calls?


We answer all messages Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. MST – 4 p.m. MST


Guidelines for Submissions:


One Email: Your Bio, Acknowledgements and Article In ONE Word Document 12 point Times New Roman. Your Image Attached to the same email. Nothing can change once you have submitted your material, make sure this is your best work, image, acknowledgments and bio. You will have final approval and let us know of minor changes. The article is to be 2500 words, your bio can be 150 words this is in addition to the 2500 words. 


Capitalizing Words:


Do not use all caps to emphasize a word. Use italics.

The only spiritual words that can be capitalized for the spiritual text is God, Holy Spirit, Universe, Creator, Source. Words such as angels, masters, higher-self are lowercase. If you have a question please leave it lowercase and the editor will fix it if necessary.  



Why can't my friend post a review on Amazon? 


Amazon has parameters set in place to protect us from people giving inauthentic reviews. Amazon requires that reviewer must spend over $50/year with them. Also, Amazon will remove reviews from authors reviewing their work or if they recognize a review from someone connected to the Author.

The fix: thank your friend for being so willing to help out, but since Amazon isn't able to accept the review, ask if they would be willing to host about the book on their Facebook page or other social media with their opinion about the book itself.


Where do I post my Facebook Live video for launch week?


You will post your Facebook Live video on the fan page for the book, not on As You Wish Publishing’s Healer’s private Facebook group or your personal Facebook page.


What if Facebook Live isn't working?


You can create a video of yourself and upload it to the Facebook fan page later. It isn't ideal, but it will work very well.


I don't see the Facebook (Go Live) button on the fan page options. Where is it?


First, check and see that you have accepted my invitation to be an editor of the fan page. Second, if you are on a desktop computer, you will click in the comments box, and the “Live” button will be on top of the comments box. Third, if you are on your phone and you are trying to go live, you will have to click in the comments box, and the drop down will have the “Live” button available.

Here is a Facebook Live practice area so you can get comfortable with doing Facebook Lives: (Insert Link)


How do I find out Facebook Live schedule?


Here is the link for the Facebook live schedule (Insert Link Here)


What is my responsibility on launch day?


The launch consists of five days which will start from April 17th to April 21st. The first day of launch will be April 17th. You will have your entire launch team download the 99 cent book and give an honest review since they will have already received an advanced reader copy. On your designated launch day, you will be able to provide a 45-minute inspired talk on the topic of your choice to help people get to know you.


Where can I find my launch team templates emails?


You can find your launch team here: Template Document.


Why does my launch team need to buy my book and write my review on the same day?


When it comes to Amazon algorithms, the publisher picks the day that we have the best chance of reaching best-seller status on Amazon. Downloads of the Kindle plus reviews equal higher rankings. We must continue to have top rankings over several days to get the Amazon bestseller sticker.


Why does my launch team need to download the book for $0.99?


We change the price of the e-Book to $0.99 to help offset the cost to your launch team. The price is $0.99 for those five days only. They have already received an advanced reader copy of the book. If we make the book “free,” we run into a good deal of problems and marketing limitations down the road. When we charge $0.99, we have the chance to get the Amazon Best Seller Sticker, which is a game changer. I also know times can be difficult for some; let them know to put ARC (advanced reader copy) in the review if they choose not to download. That way, Amazon knows they are real and their review is real as well.


Why isn't my book downloading to my Kindle?


This has become a common problem with KDP. I can't do anything about it from the publishing side. Below are a couple of fixes:

They could download the latest Kindle app onto their phone or tablet. If that doesn't work, you can send them the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) you sent to your launch team. Finally, you can have them contact Kindle for help with servicing their reader.

What types of giveaways do you suggest for the prize offerings during launch week?

Don't give away the farm, but let them get to know you. Often, authors will give a 30-minute to 1-hour private session that demonstrates their coaching. Some will give away specific items that are low-cost to them, but very special for the recipient. One author gave away crystals. I had a metaphysical shop. I would give away inexpensive, but pretty, rings or pendants.  I will give away Starbucks gift cards because people can use them all over the world and it's easy to accomplish via email.


Why is this link taking me to the paperback book and not to the Kindle?


On the Amazon book page, you will see that the book has multiple formats; choose the format you are looking for. There will either be two small boxes to the right of the cover design on the desktop version, or there will be a clickable box with the Amazon formats. You can click that box and then choose the format you are looking to find. Also, you can do a search on Amazon and find the book just as quickly and use that link, if you prefer.


When I come back to the page after I have clicked, “Look Inside,” why does it say, "This title is no longer available"?


You will need to click this link and try again. If this is happening to someone else, text or message them this link to try again. Usually, this will work.


What is an Amazon Associates Account?


Using your unique link you design within our Amazon Associates Account, you have an opportunity to make additional income from the book. You can use this link that will give you a small percentage of the book's profits every time someone uses your link to buy the book. Here is a video on how to set that up for yourself. [Add video]


What is an Authors Central Account?


This is where you can claim the book as being one of the authors and have your bio and website information available for people to follow you as a professional author. (Video to help set it up)


I still don't see my name listed as an author to claim on Authors Central. What do I do?


You will need to contact Authors Central by clicking "Contact Us." You may choose to email or call. Calling usually gets the quickest attention. Tell them you are listed as an author in the table of contents and give them the ISBN/ASIN number.


How do I make money from this book?


There are multiple ways to make money. During launch week, you can offer an Email Opt-in to help drive traffic to your website. This may help pique interest and bring more people into your practice. Having authored a book opens doors. You may decide to leverage your authorship and speak at universities, teach classes, or create team launches at local bookstores.

You can also participate in Profit Share. You are required to complete a few specific tasks during the launch as well as quarterly throughout the year—above and beyond the norm—but this does not cost you money to accomplish. Each time a Paperback or e-Book is sold on Amazon, you will split the profits with your fellow authors enrolled in the Profit Share program. Everyone is doing equal work and therefore receiving equal rewards.

Your Amazon Associates Account will give a tiny bit of residual income.

You can sell wholesale books at retail price and earn up to $7/book in profit that you keep for yourself. For example, if you sell 100 books, you get $700. It's that easy.


Where can I purchase wholesale books?


Here is the wholesale book link. Keep in mind, I won't be able to order your books until launch week. (insert link)


How do I work with bookstores to sell my book?


You will need to have a “one-sheet” that has the following book specifications: the title, subtitle, description, best categories, author bios, reviews, why the bookstore wants your book, an author image, and a book image. You may choose to carry a copy of the book with you to the store so they can see its quality and decide if they want to carry the book. They will likely ask if you're going to do a book signing or teach a class. There is usually a 70/30 or 60/40 consignment split, with the former going to the author. They will likely reevaluate the book after 60 days, and then they may choose to return the book to you if they feel they cannot sell it.

I would recommend offering a full refund for the wholesale price of the books if they purchased the books to sell for retail. It’s good to be able to show you have a book in a store, but not at all profitable. 


Why don't I see my name on the Author List on our Amazon book page?


Your name may not have been added yet. We make every effort to get all the authors’ names attached to the book. We can have an unlimited number of authors listed on Kindle, but we are only allowed ten authors to be listed on the paperback book page. Therefore, you will see your name listed on the Amazon Kindle book page, but not on the paperback book page. Unless there are only ten authors in a book, it isn't fair to the other authors to have some authors listed and not others.


Why is Kyra Schaefer listed as the author of this book?


When it comes to books, there has to be the primary author. Since Kyra compiles the book, she is listed as the primary author. If you would like Kyra Schaefer and As You Wish Publishing, LLC to produce a group book where you are the primary author, visit us here at: (Insert Link)


What is the ISBN/ASIN for this book?


(insert number)


What is the Library of Congress Number for this book?


(insert number)


Where do profits from this book go?


Profits go toward the Profit Share split that will be given out after 12 months of profit building. Each quarter, you will get a notice totaling how much you will be receiving after the 12-month cycle. Each quarter will hopefully gain your additional profits to add to your check at the end of the full year from the date of the book launch.


Are we giving to charity?


This is entirely up to the profit sharing team. We can determine what percentage of the profits go to a non-profit. Once the team agrees upon a charity and a percentage, we can take that amount “off the top” of the profits and then split the remainder among the profit sharing authors.


What about the people not involved in Profit Share? Am I still required to have a launch team and promote the book?


Yes! You are still required to complete the no-cost, easy marketing that you agreed to when you signed your initial author contract. You will not receive any profits. Although there are plenty of other ways to make money (see How do I make money from this book) if you don't have the time or energy to do a few extra things for profits. If you would like to be a part of the profit sharing option (which we highly recommend), go to this link (insert link) to learn more.


Why do I see the book on Barnes & Noble online, but I don't see our book in their store?


Every store is different, and you would need to approach them with the one-sheet and a book. I have made ordering the book accessible on Ingramspark, and they can order as they wish and return it when they need to. Sometimes Barnes & Noble may say that it needs to be set up in a certain way and it isn't (which can be misinformation they believe to be true), or they aren't interested in the book. Again, don't let that get you down. Push on the doors that open, and ignore the ones that don't!


Why didn't you give my prize away for the Launch Giveaway?


It is likely because not enough people signed up for the giveaway or they gave some information but not all the information that qualifies them for a prize (i.e., confirmation number). I usually keep the drawing open until all of the prizes have been given away.


How do I find what I'm looking for in our private Facebook group?


Let's say you are looking for the link to sell wholesale books. There is a search bar to the left of the screen where you can search by typing "wholesale," and several items will pop up. Click on the post that most closely answers your need. You can type anything into this search bar if you are having trouble.


Why do I only see a few reviews, a few authors, and no bestselling categories on the Amazon book page?


You are likely on your mobile device. On mobile devices, there is a ton of information omitted due to space requirements. Remember this page is for the buyer, not the seller, and Amazon sells the book with as little information on the mobile device as possible. You can see your author information on the Kindle book page along with all of the reviews and bestselling categories if they are available from your desktop computer.


Telesummit Info:


You will be able to do a Facebook Live video during Launch week. I will have a signup avaliable to you so you may pick you day and time, additional information will be found at the following link. (Insert Link) 






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