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Coach With Todd Schaefer

Business  ·  Personal Development  ·  Spiritual  ·  Writing & Copyediting

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Introductory Offer:

$20 for your first 1-hour virtual coaching session. (Includes a free 30-min intake; two appts.)

All of my coaching services cost the same. 

You can use any service exclusively or a hybrid as needed.

Spiritual Coaching 

I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles for 16+ years, having read many spiritual and self-help books. If you want coaching and mentoring on anything regarding your spiritual life, I can support you. If you don't know where to start or how to continue, I can provide spiritual guidance.

Writing Coaching / Copyediting 

I have copyedited 30+ bestseller books, writing and publishing four of my own books. I can help you with grammar, punctuation, line editing, developmental editing, finding your voice, the writing process, brainstorming ideas, feedback on your work, staying organized and on track, getting published. (Copyediting will be a custom quote.) 

Personal Development Coaching

Self-worth enhancement, boundaries, childhood conditioning, family issues, people-pleasing/approval seeking, unraveling concepts of self, identifying and resolving triggers and issues, integrating your unresolved emotional charges, changing mindset and behavioral patterns and much more.  

Business Coaching 

I coach new and aspiring holistic business owners who want a clear path to building your coaching/holistic business while providing support and accountability, catering to your strengths so you can work your business sustainably. I can tell you everything you need to do to build a thriving coaching practice and how to do it so you can enjoy your business, be profitable, and even replace your income if you choose. 

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What I can provide as your business coach:


  • Guidance on anything related to the “how-to” in building your business with actionable steps, customizing it to your preferences, including but not limited to:

    • ​How to work with clients

    • Conduct an effective intake assessment

    • Ask for money/sell authentically

    • Marketing strategies/getting clients

    • Get organized, how to structure your business

    • Guidance and support, staying accountable to your goals

    • Setting realistic expectations for yourself, your clients and your business

  • Systems creation and support: what needs to go on a website, a web form, an intake form, or any paper a client might need to look at.

  • Guide you to gently take any necessary steps out of your comfort zone with ease.

Who I work with most often:

  • Holistic business owners and certification holders

  • Life coaches, transformational coaches, hypnotherapists, writers, etc.

  • Spiritually-minded people; students of A Course in Miracles


Personality types who are attracted to coaching with me:


Here are the Myers-Briggs Personality Types that are typically attracted to coaching with me. However, I can work with any of the 16 types to leverage their strengths, improve their weaknesses and accommodate their learning styles. (I am an INFJ.)



If you don’t know your type, you can find out in 10 minutes with this free test:

Common challenges my clients have:

  • I need guidance / continued support / staying accountable / making money / getting organized / marketing myself / spinning my wheels. 

  • Dealing with overwhelm / self-doubt / insecurities / feeling unworthy / burn out / battling my ego by myself / perfectionism. 

  • I’m not a salesperson; I want to be of service. 

Common goals my clients have:

  • I want to build thriving coaching and writing business that will eventually match or exceed my income on a full-time basis.

  • Wake up daily and fill my time with meaningful work that is enjoyable, publish my own book, have a full book of clients, and have digital courses.

  • Do what I’m meant to do / integrate my spirituality with my business.

  • Build my business so that I still have room to grow and expand if I want to.

  • Work with a coach who I can feel in synch with about who I am, what I’m about and where I want to go.

How I work with my clients:


  • I help clients build their coaching practice by creating a customized coaching plan that caters to your strengths and is sustainable.

  • You determine what’s most important to you to work on, and I provide best practice suggestions and homework based on your goals and I will go at your pace.

  • I work 1-on-1 virtually via Zoom. I record the Zoom session for you so you can review the content.

  • For best results, I recommend working with you weekly or every two weeks.

  • I can work with you at macro or micro levels, helping you with general ideas and concepts as well as doing specific tasks, such as helping you create copy for your website, forms, etc., for example.

  • I help my clients feel good about the steps they are taking along the way, not just going for the end result and sacrificing themselves during the journey.


Janet Sett-Zavala, Life Coach

“I highly recommend Todd’s coaching services. When I went to Todd for coaching, I was drowning in a sea of overwhelm and confusion. I knew the outcome that I wanted, but I was spinning - trying to DO everything and BE everything to get to that destination. I was ineffective and inconsistent. With Todd’s help and expert coaching, he was able to gently push me past my comfort zone. He kept me on track and held me accountable with the actions that I decided were right for me to take. He provided me with the necessary validation that I was going in the right direction and provided me with valuable resources to refer back to. Since working with Todd, I’ve been told by other colleagues that I appear much more relaxed and confident. And I am. I’m very grateful for the coaching I’ve received and finally believe that my desired outcome is now a true possibility.”

Carolyn Mackey.png

Carolyn Mackey, CHt

"I am so grateful I connected with Todd Schaefer because I needed the type and quality of coaching he offers, but had no idea where to find it. I have substantial knowledge about what a business requires, but to apply the knowledge practically, to my specific vision and offering, has been increasingly overwhelming. I’ve built my business from simple trial and error based on what I know and have read about. But with Todd’s expertise, I’m now able to prioritize, streamline, and focus my efforts in a way that cuts out unnecessary steps or wheel spinning. He is the second set of eyes looking out for the well being of my business, which is invaluable to me. My best qualities as a healer and teacher make being in business for myself somewhat challenging, and Todd has helped me navigate the unfamiliar terrain in a way that works well for me. I highly recommend getting his perspective about how to grow your healing business.

Rae,_Susan_Headshot_-_Own_Your_Awesome (1).JPG

Susan Rae, Life Coach

“I am so grateful to have Todd in my corner, bringing the knowledge, skill and experience I need to next level everything! AND he manages to be compassionate and create a sense for me that I am completely accepted while also holding me accountable so I can make the difference in the world that I came here to make. Thank you, Todd! If you are ready to break through the obstacles holding you back in business or in life, it’s time to hire Todd!”

About Todd


Todd Schaefer has worked in personal development for 15 years, coaching over 2,000 clients 1-on-1. He has co-created two six-figure businesses and was voted Life Coach of the Year (runner-up), and his clinic was voted Mental Health Provider of the Year in 2014 by Natural Awakenings Magazine.


Todd has published four books of his own:

He is the Chief of Operations and Editor-in-Chief for As You Wish Publishing, creating systems that help authors succeed in publishing their books. Todd is also a business coach who guides holistic practitioners to reach their full potential. Todd co-owns two businesses with Kyra Schaefer:


Introductory deal: $20 for a 30-minute Intake + 1-hour session via Zoom. 


I am here to guide and support you in reaching your goals. I look forward to working with you!


Todd Schaefer

Questions? Email me at: connect @

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