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Transformational Coaching for Authors

with Kyra Schaefer

Need Support or Guidance?

I can coach you in the following areas:

  • Help you overcome fear and anxiety

  • Provide confidence and courage to write

  • Motivate you when you feel blocked

  • Educate you on the publishing process from all angles

  • Teach you how to launch your book

  • Provide author resources

  • Brainstorm book ideas

  • Collaboration book organizer coaching

I do not offer:

  • Book proposal reviews

  • Sample chapter reviews

  • How to market and sell your book

  • Social media or book promotion strategy

  • Accountability partnering

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Kyra Schaefer

CEO of As You Wish Publishing

How it Works:

  • Coaching Delivery Method: I coach through Zoom calls only.

  • Requirements: You must be able to use Zoom to book a session with me. I do not allow communication through Facebook messenger, phone texting, or phone calls.

  • Eligibility: Anyone may coach with me, not only authors of As You Wish Publishing.

  • Follow-Ups: If you desire, you may share your progress from our coaching sessions through connect@asyouwishpublishing dot com. I will not coach through email.

  • Recordings: Upon your request, I will record our Zoom coaching session and send you the video or audio.

  • Investment: $195 per hour, paid in full before the session begins. Pay and schedule at the same time. I do not split sessions into smaller increments.  

How to Prepare for a Transformational Coaching Session with Me:

  • Set aside time to fully engage in this process

  • Turn off your computer

  • Silence or turn off your cell phone

  • No kids allowed: make sure children are attended to by someone else

  • Set aside 15 minutes to get quiet before our session begins 

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