Cindy J Kaufman, MEd, EdS, brings her background in counselor education, as well as her more than 20 years as a hospice volunteer, to her work as a Certified End of Life Doula, death educator, and best-selling author. Cindy is also the owner of HeartSpeak End of Life Companioning LLC. She serves as a compassionate companion on life’s final journey for those with a terminal illness, assisting with life review, legacy work, and vigil planning, as well as providing caregiver support and respite. In addition, Cindy is an ordained interfaith minister, officiating ceremonies, funerals, memorials, and life celebrations of all kinds. She is trained in-home funerals and green burials, and she can guide clients who want these options.

Author Spotlight: Cindy Kaufman

What is your new book about? 

The Mortal’s Guide to Dying Well: Practical Wisdom from an End of Life Doula brings a new perspective to living well and dying well. The author will highlight the ways our fear-of-death culture hinders our acceptance of the inevitability of our dying, and how this impacts our willingness to talk openly within our families and communities about our wishes for our final days, whenever they may come. Although we humans make plans for everything in our lives, including our education, our careers, and even our vacations, we fail to plan for the one thing that will assuredly affect every one of us at some point. With her practical wisdom and encouragement, the author eases us into these realities and guides the reader forward with her tips and worksheets that assist the reader in formulating a plan for dying well and thus, also, living well.  

What have you found has been the most challenging part of writing?

Feeling overwhelmed with the flow of ideas for the book, how to structure my writing and also the failure to write on a regular basis. 

What has been your favorite part about writing?

Seeing how much knowledge on the subject I have and knowing how many people it can help once people can buy the book!

What is something your readers will learn from reading your book and apply to their life today?

A reader can find practical ways to implement planning for dying well into their life and complete some worksheets that will help alleviate fears about the end of life.

Who were your mentors who have helped you along the way? How?

I appreciate the videos created by Todd at As You Wish Publishing and the tips he gave for writing success. I need to implement them more!!

What books are you reading now?

Don't have much time to read right now, but I have the book Dying Well in my car. 

What ideal outcomes would you like to see as a result of readers reading your book?

Education about dying well, informing people about End of Life Doulas to help with dying well.

You will be able to find Cindy's Book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in 2020.  

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