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The Complete Step-by-Step Masterclass to Write Your Non-Fiction Book in 90 Days

Instructed by Kyra and Todd Schaefer

Ready, Set, WRITE!

  • Mind Map, Organize Your Chapters and Create a Writing Schedule

  • Strategies on Making Your Book More Interesting to Readers

  • Time Management and Organization Hacks to Write an Outstanding Book

  • Book Structure and Style with Your Goal In Mind

  • How to Keep Writing even with Imposter Syndrome

  • Basic and Advanced Formatting Techniques

  • Rough Drafts and Goal Posts

  • Punctuation and Grammar Hacks to Improve Your Writing

  • Title and Describe Your Book

12 Marvelous Modules to take your book from blank page to publishable in 90 days or less. 


This class consists of self study videos, pdfs, workbook pages and a writing checklist. 


Once you purchase:
If you don't see an instant access link in your email, be sure to check your junk mail. 

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