Author Referral Program

Would you like to get published for FREE?
And even make money after that? 

When you refer 5 new authors who register for our next book called, “Law of Attraction” by THIS DATE, you get your submission for free!

It gets even better. Would you like to MAKE money with your referrals?

For every 5 new referrals who register and pay by DATE, you will receive an extra $100 bonus!

                6 referrals = $110                     11 referrals = $210                 16 referrals = $360                

7 referrals = $120                     12 referrals = $220                 17 referrals = $370

8 referrals = $130                     13 referrals = $230                 18 referrals = $380

9 referrals = $140                     14 referrals = $240                 19 referrals = $390

10 referrals = $200                 15 referrals = $350                 20 referrals = $500


  • To be eligible, you must first register and pay to be part of the book.

  • “New author referrals” means:

    • Each referral must never have been published in an As You Wish Publishing book before.

    • Each referral must have completed their registration and payment to be in the book.​

Referral Bonus Deadline

  • After the referral bonus deadline of DATE, whichever payout you’ve qualified for will be guaranteed. (Example: 10 referrals = $200).

After the Referral Bonus Deadline

  • Going forward after DATE, your referral count will restart at zero and for each paying referral you provide after DATE, you will receive $10 per referral [Example: 5 more referrals given after DATE = $50 (or $10 each)].

How Referral Bonuses are Paid Out

When the referral bonuses are paid out on DATE, you will receive a lump sum payment of all of your referrals.


Example: You got 10 referrals before the referral bonus deadline ($200). Then you got 5 more referrals after the bonus deadline ($50). Your total payout in referral bonuses which will be paid out on DATE will equal $250.


IMPORTANT: In order for each referral to count, you must register each referral by using the referral form. Referrals that you do not register using this form will not be counted. You will not be paid for any unregistered referrals you’ve provided, even if that referral has paid to be in the book. So BE SURE to use the referral form to add your referrals! The difference between 4 and 5 referrals could be $100!


Enjoy! Facebook message Todd or Kyra with any questions.

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